Review: Eshtadur – Oblivion

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Eshtadur - Oblivion

Columbian black/death metallers Eshtadur are releasing their new EP ‘Oblivion’ at the start of December via Rebelsigns. This is five tracks of melodic death metal wrapped in a blackened atmosphere that works just brilliantly.

Listen to that riff that opens ‘In a Trance With Darkness’. Its a beauty! Evolving into a hardened chug, with some ripping lead work that really highlights the excellent song writing. There are keyboard and choral enhancements, adding a great touch of grandeur to the proceedings. It’s almost what you could expect if Ihsahn had fronted a melodeath band instead of Emperor. Jagged riffs roar beneath a savage growl.

‘Last Day of the Condor’ has some great soaring leads, but doesn’t let up on the ferocity of the metal. The solo kills as well. ‘Heavens to the Ground’ has some more stop start riffing, while the galloping’The Currency of My Empire’ has some more fretwork fireworks. The apparent black metal influences are few and far between, limited mostly to some keyboard flourishes and atmospheric enhancements, but its the little touches that elevate this above just another musically impressive melodeath band.

Eshtadur close out ‘Oblivion’ with the impressive ‘The Rebellion’, which combines some melodic sections at the start with neck wrecking riffs and more of that devasating groove. The cold melodies and raspiong vocal parts bring dashes of black metal into the mix too. ‘Oblivion’ is a great release, containing everything you could want in a short release. The songs are great, the riffs are great and the keyboard parts add an additional layer of depth. Awesome!


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