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Today I took my first major step towards truly starting ‘The Project’. ‘The Project’ is my new codename for my ‘History of the Metal of History’ book that I’m starting to write. Mainly because I can’t think of a catchier title than that yet.

I emailed Sabaton to ask if they’d be interested in contributing to my book. I say book, it’s not really a book as its more a large collection of notes, scrawlings and ideas, but hell, it might be a book one day. Also, having taken this step, it really makes the decision real. I’m really going to do this. Wow, I’ve just committed myself to writing something that is potentially HUGE in scope during the summer months where my quiet country pub will probably be overrun with tourists, locals and other drinkers. Where will I find the time?!

Too late now. Even if they email back and say no, they’re too busy, I won’t mind. Sabaton inspired this whole project. I’m a man who reads a lot of history. I studed it at university and possess a degree. That’s gotta count for something right? Sabaton lyrics steered my studying in different directions from where I might have wandered. Yeah, they do a lot of tanks and war stuff, but where else could I have learned about King Carolus and his triumphant march to empire for Sweden? Nowhere, if not for Sabaton.

The project begins…