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Melodic death metal from Pakistan? The variety and spread of metal across the world will never fail to amaze me. Faceless Mother’s EP ‘The Thing That Lurks’ comes to us from Karachi, and is a three track rager available now through their bandcamp.

Ripping straight from the melodeath playbook, opener ‘Beholder’ has a nice gallop to it and some great guitar melodies to it, while the mournful ‘The Baying of Crows’ has some absolutely fantastic, melancholic riffs. This is definitely feels more like a dark death metal record than more traditional melodeath, but the nice guitar work keeps them hooked to the genre.

Closing with the driving title track, I think Faceless Mother’s debut has got a bit of potential to it. The production isn’t great, but the riffing and songwriting all shows promise and I think in particular the melancholic touches of ‘The Baying of Crows’ is definitely worth the price of admission. Keep an eye on these guys.


The Black Sorcery CD Cover.jpg

The hounds of war have been unleashed in the form of The Black Sorcery, a Canadian black/death machine of destruction whose debut record ‘And the Beast Spake Death from Above’ is another barrage in the unending war for extremity. It is out now on Krucyator Productions.

The opener ‘Ancient Dialects of Wind’ is one of the densest, nastiest sounding tracks I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this year. The vocals are bowel rattling, the riffing is ragged and raw and the atmosphere is one of dread and darkness. Add a maddening solo and some brutal drumming and this is an instant watermark. Guttural, brutal death metal vocals continue to stalk the whole record, through the pulsing ‘Frost Veined’ and the sadistic ‘Incursion’. In fact, ‘And the Beast Spake Death from Above’ is definitely one of the most intense records you’ll come across in 2018.

The Black Sorcery have delved deep into the darkest recesses of black/death metal to mine this particular seam, but the results are visceral; ravening like some monstrous beast, this is a record of malicious ideas and sickening brutality. So, pretty fucking excellent!


If there’s one important thing Sweden has brought to the world of extremity, it is DEATH FUCKING METAL of the purest and most heavy persuasion. Enter Crawl, another cog in the endless turning wheel of death, and their full length debut ‘Rituals’, brought to us this August by the finder of endless treasures, Kunal at Transcending Obscurity.

It seems totally unfair to do this, but when Crawl come from a country with a whole litany of iconic death metal bands, you’ll forgive me for mentioning them frequently. But ‘Reject the Cross’ is pure Dismember worship, and it is fucking great. The titanic ‘Trail of Traitors’ also channels the heaviest moments of Grave. The riffs have that almost natural chainsaw tone, the pace is chugging and the vocals are dense. There is more than a dash of crust and hardcore punk about this too however; take the pacey ‘Black Rituals’ or the rampant ‘Cowards’ for example. I mean, the whole album is barely 25 minutes, which is a perfect excuse to slap it straight back on when it is done.

Equal parts chainsawing death metal, crust attitude and a love letter to the days of simpler, savager metal, ‘Rituals’ can stake Crawl’s claim to join the death metal luminaries of Sweden. From a label that has treated Ursinne, Paganizer and Henry Kane so well, they’ll be in good company at TO, and ‘Rituals’ fits straight in with that kind of quality.

These mysterious Italians do not hang about, with their new record ‘Göbekli Tepe’ coming out only a year after last year’s debut ‘The Discontinuity’s Interlude’. Order ov Riven Cathedral’s spiralling death metal is a creation of the stranger forces in our universe, and beyond. It is out now and available through the band’s Bandcamp.

Massive waves of blastbeats underpin a cacophonous assault of huge roars and technical death metal insanity. ‘Worship ov Abduction’ is like a howling gale of death metal, and like fellow countrymen Hour of Penance brings you to the very edge of death metal heaviness. It is relentless, battering extremity in the most crushing form. But Order ov Riven Cathedrals also take notes from the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse and thread orchestral grandeur and atmospheric ambience throughout. The likes of ‘Glorification ov the Divine Fallout’ and the stunning ‘From Neptune to Assyria’ show how death metal can be both devastatingly brutal and soaring with majestic melodies.

This record is a revelation of where extreme music can take you, both to the depths of deathly abysses and the heights of wondrous grandiosity. ‘Göbekli Tepe’ is an album of staggering musicianship, guttural vocals and a powerful sense of drama. Order ov Riven Cathedrals are a band of stunning potential, and each release continues to prove this.

It’s going to be difficult to be impartial for this, as Sahil and I have been friends for a while and I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed his music, so the chance to see legendary Indian death metallers Demonic Resurrection live at last was a chance I couldn’t miss. But to be fair to him, I’d have told him if they weren’t very good. Which is not true, they were awesome.

First of all though, Wretched Soul were an excellent support band, with their razor sharp death metal hitting every sweet spot in the place. They have a huge melodic streak straight through them, that gives their records a bit of variety. They are ferocious at full speed, but they have some absolutely brilliant ‘Painkiller’ moments where the vocals shriek high and the twin galloping begins. It’s quite a thing to be that heavy and yet that fucking catchy and epic. I salute you sirs, and recommend people buy ‘The Ghost Road’, for that is a killer record.

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But the main reason I’m here is for the mighty Demonic Resurrection. The Demonstealer is an unassuming, charming and humble bloke who becomes possessed by nightmarish demonic voices when the superlative death metal maelstrom begins. The technical madness of ‘The Demon King’ and ‘Krishna – The Cowherd’ were particularly mindblowing. On record, Demonic Resurrection have many subtle little flourishes that disappear a little on the live stage, but if anything their music becomes more ferocious. The musicianship in the melodic genius of ‘A Tragedy Befallen’ is incredible, and the savagery of ‘Dismembering the Fallen’ is tangible. Demonic Resurection are a mighty live proposition, and despite there only being a small crowd in attendance we all fully appreciated the effort and journey they’ve been on to entertain us.

The Malice - Lamashtu

Swedish/German death metal project The Malice’s second EP, ‘Lamashtu’ is named for a Mesopotamian demon of great malice (see what I did there?) and this four track EP is possessed of some pretty demonic death metal. It has been self released by the band through their Bandcamp, and is available now!

Opener ‘In the Light of Asag’ is a writhing beast of brutal blasting and chaotic riffing power. The Malice are very much a modern death metal band; where rawness has been replaced with a cacophonous and devastating heaviness. There are riffs spilling out like lava from the core of these tracks, from the crippling blasting of ‘The Pestilence of Ibra’ to the ravaging display of power in ‘The Nimrud Assignment’. Breaking up the carnage with subtle dashes of eastern instrumentation can only act as a distraction from the powerful death metal within.

‘Lamashtu’ summons the darkened powers of the elder gods and displays it all for us to see. The Malice are a killer band with some serious musical chops, and their modern death metal assault is music to the ears of anyone who loves the Black Dahlia Murder, or actually anyone who just really loves death metal.


The fifth release in the 20 year history of Lecherous Nocturne is on respected death metal label Willowtip Records, which already lends ‘Occultaclysmic’ a dose of credibility, but Lecherous Nocturne have always been a band that has defined genres, rather than followed them. Willowtip provide the plaform, ‘Occultaclysmic’ has brought the brutality.

‘By Conquest or Consent’ immediately blisters any concerns that Lecherous Nocturne could have mellowed with age. Fury strikes with devastating blasting, rapid fire riffs that scorch the earth and savage growls and screams ravage your ears. An instant shot to the heart, which is then followed for 40 minutes of rock solid, brutal death metal that encompasses technical superiority, horrendous brutality and even melodic flourishes. The likes of the title track and the grand instrumental ‘Remembrance’ betray the melodic sensibilities of a band that seems, on the surface, to be focused entirely on destruction. Relentless in the execution, Lecherous Nocturne hit with an intensity in ‘Tower of Silence’ that put others to shame.

‘Occultaclysmic’ is a record that will sit proudly amongst death metal releases for 2018. An unutterably brutal experience, taking shape gradually as a beast with many heads, Lecherous Nocturne may be a band that is heavy and brutal as fuck, but they are much more subtle than you would expect. This is some seriously great shit.