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Putrid - Antichrist Above

Peruvian death metallers Putrid have released their second full lentgh, ‘Antichrist Above’, this year after a career of mainly splits and EPs. It is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and will look to get them noticed above the sea of South American underground violence. The cover with a bloodstained book, goat skull and candles will give you an idea of the kind of Satanic racket within…

Opener ‘Warfare in Golgotha’ is a cacophonous assault of raging guitar that instantly brings to mind early Sepultura and Sarcofago. A cloying atmosphere coats the murky ‘Pig of Liars’ and the rabid riffing of the title track, while the animalistic screams of ‘The Corpse of the Messiah’ reinforce the primal nature of this kind of metal. South American extremity always seems fuelled by something darker and rawer, as if a more ancient evil dwells there than over here. It gives all of their music an extra dose of authenticity and when done to perfection, like in the murderous ‘The Great Serpent Awaits Us’, there is not much better in life.

If we ever needed more proof that South America breeds the rawest, fastest and most brutal metal on the planet, look no further than ‘Antichrist Above’. Putrid’s new record is as straight to the point as they come. Vicious, uncompromising and fast as all hell, ‘Antichrist Above’ is awesome stuff.

The debut album from Los Angeles black/death metallers Azath features members of Draghkar, Ripped to Shreds, Falsehood and Lord Gore so you can kind of guess what kind of fetid, foul noise lurks beneath the monochrome beauty of the artwork. ‘Through a Warren of Shadow’ is out now through Pulverised Records.

After the opening ‘Into the Charnel’ sets the scene ominously, first track proper ‘Draconian Impalement’ instantly kicks in with a raw death metal assault. Riffs slice through the air with rusted precision, while guttural vocals belch and roar through a thick, swampy black metal atmosphere. The band’s mission statement is to play as fast as possible without becoming a grind band, and the kick of songs like ‘The Whirlwind’ and the howling rage of ‘Mortal Sword’ certainly achieve that aim. There’s a certain clattering chaos that really gives you a feeling of unhinged madness that I quite like, particularly my personal favourite track ‘Knight of Chains’, although the grinding nihilism of ‘Children of the Dead Seed’ pushes it very close.

Azath’s debut is fiery, raw and uncompromising. It barely stops for breath apart from the odd morbid interlude, and this commitment to honing their craft to a razor’s edge has served them well, because ‘Through a Warren of Shadow’ is a consistent barrage of necrotic psalms being spat out from your nearest swamp. Fucking brilliant.

The new EP, ‘Harvesting Our Decay’, from Canadian death metallers Third Chamber is out now as a self release from their Bandcamp and is five tracks of modern death metal with a number of hardcore and grind influences sneaking in there too.

Opener ‘Parasitic Communion’ starts as you’d expect most modern death metal records to start in 2020; some nice chunky riffs powered with blastbeats and some decent melodic licks in there too. There’s an obvious hardcore influence coming in there too, particularly in the vocals but the band have a good grasp on their sound so it doesn’t slide into parody. The songwriting is tight, there is no wasted movement on the rapid fire of ‘Mind Rot’ or the lumbering killbeast ‘Choke’. There’s a lot of Black Dahlia coming through on the savage title track and the satisfying crunch of chuggy closer ‘Terror Formed’ is a fine ending piece.

‘Harvesting Our Decay’ may not win any awards for ingenuity but this is a collection of five really well written songs that don’t overstay their welcome and don;t get stale on repeated listens. Third Chamber are to be commended for this and hopefully a full length album sometimes soon will help to put to rest any concerns.

Ancient Crypts - Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass

An eldritch and rotten death metal creature has come crawling from the fetid underground of South America, specifically Chile, and that creature is Ancient Crypts. Their new EP ‘Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass’ is out now through Burning Coffin Records.

The dramatic piano of the intro (‘Andante Allucinatorio (Intro)’) is immediately followed by an avalanche of storming death metal riffing and guttural roars. There is an undoubted Swedish edge here to the guitar work, but there is nothing plagiaristic about the superb work of ‘Amorphous Simphony of Accursed Flutes’. The guitar solo is glorious, and the production is really nice and crisp. The galloping chug of ‘Sarcophagidaes’ leads perfectly into the monstrous title track, which creaks with an ancient evil and provides some of the heaviest moments on the EP. A truly breathtaking piece of old school death metal.

Closing with the crushing ‘He Spoke Behind the Mask of Clay’, I do hope that ‘Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass’ is merely a stepping stone to more music from Ancient Crypts as soon as possible, because this stuff is phenomenal. There’s few things more satisfying than watching a band come good on their first major release. MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!

Colosso - Apocalypse

This four track EP from Portugal’s Colosso has an end of the world type feel about it. Entitled ‘Apocalypse’, the four tracks are named for the Four Horsemen and it comes on the heels of 2018’s glorious ‘Rebirth’ album. I reviewed their ‘Obnoxious’ album 4 years ago, and was a big fan so this has me salivating. It is out now through Transcending Obscurity.

Each track is performed by a different member of Portugal’s fertile underground scene, including members of Oak, Analepsy and Bleeding Display, and this allows a certain variety to shine through. Opener ‘Pestilence’ feels like the gaping maw of infinity; an otherworldly titan grasping for a foothold in our universe. The guitarwork is asphyxiatingly dense, with more than a little Gorguts about the sickening sway lurking beneath. Guilherme Henrique of Oak does a stellar job here, providing a vast roar that sounds like the howl of the stars. ‘War’ sounds like just that, with the kind of doublekicks that sound like carpet bombing. The discordant, almost post metal riffs pour out like fire under eerie clean vocals in ‘Death’, while the atonal brutal death of ‘Famine’ provides a fitting finale to an EP that truly lives up to its name.

One of these days I’m going to find a TO release that I don’t like. Honestly, this label CANNOT keep putting out stunning releases forever. But today is not that day, as ‘Apocalypse’ takes its place amongst the pantheon of great releases this year. It is nice to hear a band take the route less travelled in death metal in modern times, and Colosso are devastatingly heavy at times. Brutal.

Heathen Beast - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard

Born of the strife and sometimes violent social upheaval in their native India, Heathen Beast’s newest record ‘The Revolution Will Not be Televised But It Will Be Heard’, the band try to bring the reality of the situation to an ignorant world. Trying to explain the slow but steady fascist build of the leading party and their Hindu nationalist militias requires violent music, and this album has it in spades. It is out in June through Bandcamp.

‘Fuck CAA’ opens with a rough chugging riff, coated by the kind of distorted violence that would make Anaal Nathrakh proud. The blackened grind surges throughout, with some brutal death metal breakdown moments thrown in to enhance the carnage. I cannot begin to unravel the complex political messages here, but since every song starts with ‘Fuck…’ something, you can get the impression that Heathen Beast are very pissed off. The variety of samples thrown in from news reports or speeches adds to the storytelling, while songs like the poisonous ‘Fuck Modi-Shah’ and the savagery of ‘Fuck Your Police Brutality’ barely let up to allow you to breathe. The blasting brings to mind bands like The Berzerker, while the intensity matches the likes of Insect Warfare or Wormrot. An unexpected highlight comes in the almost clean vocals of ‘Fuck the Economy (Modi Already Has)’, playing with the archetype of this style brilliantly.

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard’ is a sociopolitical napalm strike; each song layered with a venomous bite, serrated riffing and throat shredding screams. It is probably the most vicious 35 minutes you’ll experience this year, and hopefully it will educate the listener a little as well as taking our fucking heads off. Fuck the system indeed.

Necrochaos - Crawling Through Cadavers

Released as a three track demo last year, German black/death/doom metallers Necrochaos have had their ‘Crawling Through Cadavers’ rereleased by Godz Ov War Productions, including two extra bonus tracks exclusive to the CD release. What lies beneath is dark, dense and at times truly horrifying.

The opening title track is a blitzkrieg of serpentine riffing, drenched in an atonal murk that feels very otherworldly. A cacophonous battery assaults the ears while an unholy growl roars from the very depths of existence. This is supremely nasty stuff, an endless torrent of hellacious guitar tone and guttural roars. ‘Disgrace is His Law’ barely stops for breath, while the black magma crawl of ‘Once the Blood Clots’ is suffocating and relentless. The tempo changes show that Necrochaos can handle blistering speed and a monolithic trudge where necessary. ‘Engulfed in Chaos’ is replete with the former, while closer ‘Caves of Void’ brings the latter with power.

As an opening salvo to a career, Necrochaos couldn’t have hoped for a better result. ‘Crawling Through Cadavers’ is a tour de force of suffocating, miasmic death metal with doom breakdowns and blackened atmosphere. A melting pot of tremendous potential.