Review: Suppressive Fire – Bedlam

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Suppressive Fire - Bedlam

Suppressive Fire’s debut full length is due out in January, and if their debut demo was anything to go by, it’s like to be one of 2016’s hottest thrash releases. Suppressive Fire’s ball busting enthusiasm for classic thrash licks coated in a first wave black metal influence brings a smile to my face every time, and that apocalyptic album art is suitably metal!

Opener ‘Ceasefire’ is a classic example of what Suppressive Fire do so well. It showcases some flashy guitar work, some ripping solos and it is so good to hear some vintage thrash riffs. Suppressive Fire have taken a few tracks from their ‘Hellwraith’ demo to fill up their debut, and the music even at demo level was of such a high quality that those tracks slip on here without being noticed. Suppressive Fire show the kind of enthusiasm for thrash that Municipal Waste and the like did back when they all blew up in about 2006.

The superbly named ‘Nazi Face Melter’ is still an album highlight for me, and the other demo tracks more than hold their own against the newer challengers. There’s a lot of early Kreator and Sodom references, while ‘Thy Flesh Consumed’ squeezes in a little bit of frantic Bay Area worship. Suppressive Fire basically work with all classic thrash tenets, displaying time and time again their ability to write a catchy as hell riff or thirty. The battering of ‘Pyrophoric Blood’ has some great Exodus style riffs, while the percussive thunder of ‘Ironsights is enough to make anyone wanna head bang!

In an era when thrash legends are still capable of writing and releasing high quality records (Kreator, Testament etc), it is great to see a new young band snapping at their heels. Suppressive Fire have the chops to be the next big thing in thrash, if they can get the right exposure. I hope they can, because to lose an album like ‘Bedlam’ to the ocean of mediocre metal releases would be a disgrace. Riff hard, thrash harder!


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