Review: Punching Moses – Humanity Pandemic EP

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Reviews
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Humanity Pandemic EP cover art

Punching Moses, winner of my newly minted ‘Band Name of the Day’ award, are a crusty, punkish death metal group from Cleveland, Ohio. Their new EP, ‘Humanity Pandemic’ is about fifteen minutes of straight up kicks to the jaw and neck.

‘Intro-Venous’ (I see what you did there) has some cool guitar leads and a tone that reminds me of Slayer’s ‘Seasons in the Abyss’. ‘In the Gutter’ kicks in with a rampant Discharge riff, and a great crusty feel. The title track is a blasting furnace of rage, kicking like the bastard son of Venom and Converge. Fuelled with a raw energy, Punching Moses thrash from track to track, pausing briefly to allow a solitary riff to kick back in. Thunderous blasting coats your ears with holes, where the fury can seep in.

A near faultless car crash of crust punk and death metal savagery, ‘Humanity Pandemic’ combines brutality and insidious melody to become a short, sharp but essential blast. Raucous, brutal fun!


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