Review: Enthrallment – Eugenic Wombs

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Reviews
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Long running Bulgarian brutal death metallers Enthrallment return with their third album in four years, which is a potential cluttered release schedule. But Enthrallment get round that by following up 2014’s ‘The Voice of Human Perversity’ with a crushingly heavy album of brutal Eastern European death.

‘Deserved Fears’ takes its cues from the likes of Dying Fetus or Suffocation, blasting out riffs and roars like the world was going to end tomorrow. With this kind of heaviosity on display, you could believe it might. Song after song of blasting death metal destruction rains down upon you, from the Immolation-esque sway of ‘Few Are Those Who Find It’ to the sickening groove of ‘Last Judgment Waltz’. Each song is strong in terms of guitar work, uber punishing drumming and the cavernous roar of vocalist Plamen Bakardzhiev. A particular highlight is the blitzkrieg, otherworldy fury of ‘Inspired Lunatic’, as is the rumbling carnage of ‘Path to Silence’.

By the time we close with ‘Enslaved by Your Own Seed’, Enthrallment have sold me on their technical brand of brutal death metal. Each song has so many different elements, yet none feel disjointed. Enthrallment’s main achievement here is still feeling fresh even after releasing so much material in such a few years. ‘Eugenic Wombs’ is set to be one of 2015’s hidden gems, so seek it out, quick!



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