Review: Rectified Spirit – The Wasteland

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Reviews
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Indian power metal-cum-thrash metal heroes Rectified Spirit have ‘The Wasteland’ out on, you’ve guessed it, Transcending Obscurity India. I feel like I seem to work for Kunal with all these reviews sometimes, but I tell you, he has a knack for finding and supporting the best of the sub continent’s hidden gems. Rectified Spirit appear to be yet another.

‘The Art of War’ is a perfect representation, straight away, of what Rectified Spirit are capable of. Galloping riffs coupled with a seemlessly switching vocalist in Rainjong Lepcha, who can jump between a powerful roar and a soaring clean vocal without so much as a pause. ‘The Wasteland’ reminds me of Symphony X’s heaviest moments. The guitarwork is catchy, yet intricate enough to please us air guitar heroes. The choruses are huge, as are the riffs. ‘Fireborn’ is reminiscient of early Firewind crossed with latter Unearth, while the anthemic ‘Winter in Thine Eyes’ is one of the catchiest things I’ve heard in years.

‘The Green Goblin’ contains some of the band’s most furious moments, and it’s quite a contrast to the previous track, but not in a bad way. Rectified Spirit are like the Indian version of Kiuas circa ‘The Spirit of Ukko’, a power metal band that aren’t afraid to put a bit of bite behind their metal. It’s welcome, and continues to improve the record.  ‘The Afterthought’ is the obligatory power ballad, but even this is heavier than most, and the rampant ‘Once Below a Time’ is simply ace.

Closing with the epic title track, Rectified Spirit have got it SO right on this record. ‘The Wasteland’ is a record that reinvigorates your belief in metal. Yeah, metal can be about being BROOOOOTAL or dark and kvlt and Satanic. But it should also be about fist pumping riffs, banging your head and singing along. ‘The Wasteland’ creates songs that encourage all three. Fucking yes!

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