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Brutally Deceased - Satanic Corpse

I had to double check these guys were definitely from the Czech Republic, because their handling of the classic Swedeath sound is masterful. Brutally Deceased are unleashing their third record, the subtly titled ‘Satanic Corpse’, on Doomentia Records and this is half an hour of death fucking metal in all its HM-2 glory.

The initial battering that you receive upon the explosive ‘The Art of Dying’ is frankly unstoppable, and the rusted chainsaw guitar tone is music to bloodstained ears. It’s like these guys forgot anything happened after ‘Left Hand Path’, because this era of Swedish death metal is where Brutally Deceased worship. I mean, naming themself after a classic Grave cut should’ve been clue enough, but their pinpoint recreation of one of extreme metal’s finest moments is a joy to behold.

The bestial power of ‘The Disclosure’, the thrashing madness of ‘Withstanding the Funeral’ or the guttural ferocity of ‘Epoch of Self Denial’ all sum up what Brutally Deceased do perfectly, but the glorious ‘Hostile Earth’ is where the emotional connection comes. Where that bygone era is dragged screaming into the 21st century with style. Brutally Deceased play by an old rule book, but they have enough panache about their songwriting that they rise above mere tribute act. Brutally Deceased are a blessing to those of us that prefer our death metal direct, old school and thoroughly absorbing. Superb shit!