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If you don’t know who Master is by now, get the fuck off my blog. Still here? Good, because the new FUCKING Master album is here, and ‘Vindictive Miscreant’ is, well, Master at their finest. I think the signing of a legendary band like this truly marked that step for Transcending Obscurity from just being a label that put out awesome stuff into being a label that no one in the scene can overlook now.

The title track opens with what only be described as REAL old school death metal. It takes you right back to early Sepultura, Death and Obituary, as well of course as Master themselves. They still play like it is 1991, full of energy and gritty old school charm. Nothing overly technical or shiny, just thrashy dirty death metal. The gurgling, swamp chug of ”Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ is excellent, while the rabid ‘The Book’ has a nasty, punkish edge running through its veins.

With the shortest track running at 4:13, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking some of these tracks are a little longer than necessary, but you never feel it. The rampant ‘Engulfed by Paranoia’ is a highlight for me, although I am a little partial to the speed fuelled violence of ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ as well. Consistently heavy, with little needed in the way of variety but nothing in the way of mediocre, you can tell this is the work of a band who found their groove and sound a long time ago, and have been honing that razer edge for a while now.

With a lot of ‘legend’ bands, all you can normally hope for is that any new material does not scar their legacy, but ‘Vindictive Miscreant’ stands tall as probably Master’s finest work since ‘On the Seventh Day…’. A legitimate old school death metal album that lives its gimmick, combining thrashy riffing with bile drenched vocals, Master don’t need to write material this good any more; they could just live off their legacy but thank fuck that doesn’t seem to be part of the plan! This is tremendous.


Et Moriemur are taking their atmospheric black/doom/death metal to new and uncompromising places with their latest full length, ‘Epigrammata’. Utilising orchestral flourishes, Gregorian chants and choirs to really enhance their exploration of European history, Transcending Obscurity have given us yet another band that is not afraid to push their music to dizzying and mystical heights.

A sweeping, dramatic ‘Introitus’ leads us to the heaving ‘Requiem Aeternum’, a piece of crushing doom that writhes with an almost hymnal vibe. There is a clear orthodox and religious thread that runs through the whole of ‘Epigrammata’, but with that comes the sinister. The delicate piano that accompanies the deathly roars of ‘Offertorium’ is a terrifying juxtaposition, and often you will come across such mixtures. Spoken word, choral voices; brutality and beauty meet in this highly original style. It can definitely be challenging at times (epic closer ‘In Paradisum’ has its moments of overly orchestral issues), but perserverance is the key and soon you will fall in love with what Et Morimur are doing here.

‘Epigrammata’ is one of those albums that you can genuinely compare to nothing else. Sure, there is misery and doomy heaviness aplenty, but the ethereal melodies that linger within, the sepulchral choir of roars, the Gregorian chanting; it is all part of a package that is equally mysterious and enthralling. Et Moriemur are totally different, and it is such a refreshing change.

A black metal duo from both Shanghai and Prague, Kosmogyr spans both continents and worlds with their enthralling debut record ‘Eviternity’. A self released record, their take on black metal’s shape shifting form is both interesting and exciting. It is due out on March 9th and can be preordered through their Bandcamp page.

The first thing I noticed on the torrential ‘The Wane’ was the quality of the production. This is no tin thin, rattly black metal album. These are songs that are thick, dense with power and crisp with evil intentions. Soaring melodies weave in amongst harsh vocals and blistering drums. This is an album full of stark, bleak beauty, where waves of riffing flow past you like icy rivers but you are tethered in the maelstrom by a superhuman bottom line. Vocals tear at you like a ragged wind, but you are mesmerised into staying put. Feeling the storm of ‘Frailty’ is invigorating, powerful even. ‘Eviternity’ demands little but your attention, but it will take much more from you.

Relentless, remorseless and yet almost fragile in its position. Like an ancient, cracked obelisk, timeless and strong but ready to fall at any moment. Weakened by cold melody but held firm by pure black metal fury. ‘Eviternity’ is a staggering piece of work as a debut record, and Kosmogyr should be proud. It is my new benchmark for black metal this year.

Brutally Deceased - Satanic Corpse

I had to double check these guys were definitely from the Czech Republic, because their handling of the classic Swedeath sound is masterful. Brutally Deceased are unleashing their third record, the subtly titled ‘Satanic Corpse’, on Doomentia Records and this is half an hour of death fucking metal in all its HM-2 glory.

The initial battering that you receive upon the explosive ‘The Art of Dying’ is frankly unstoppable, and the rusted chainsaw guitar tone is music to bloodstained ears. It’s like these guys forgot anything happened after ‘Left Hand Path’, because this era of Swedish death metal is where Brutally Deceased worship. I mean, naming themself after a classic Grave cut should’ve been clue enough, but their pinpoint recreation of one of extreme metal’s finest moments is a joy to behold.

The bestial power of ‘The Disclosure’, the thrashing madness of ‘Withstanding the Funeral’ or the guttural ferocity of ‘Epoch of Self Denial’ all sum up what Brutally Deceased do perfectly, but the glorious ‘Hostile Earth’ is where the emotional connection comes. Where that bygone era is dragged screaming into the 21st century with style. Brutally Deceased play by an old rule book, but they have enough panache about their songwriting that they rise above mere tribute act. Brutally Deceased are a blessing to those of us that prefer our death metal direct, old school and thoroughly absorbing. Superb shit!