Review: Epidemia – Leprocomio

Posted: August 4, 2016 in Reviews
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Another day, another new gem unearthed by the high quality folks at Satanath Records. This time it is Ecuadorian death metallers Epidemia, whose ‘Leprocomio’ album is a scintillating ride through some of death metal’s greatest and goriest hits. Powerful riffs, brutal vocals and an all round nastiness pervades this half hour of death!

Almost any death metal fan will find something here to enjoy. Be it the groaning Immolation worship of the title track to the ferocious Deicide-isms of ‘Redencion del Engendro’, Epidemia keep you coming back for more. The insistent, Swedeath worship that bleeds from the riffs is excellent, as is the old school vibe that every song has. The opening riff to ‘Agonistes en el Inframundo’ is one of the downright heaviest pieces of business you’ll hear this year, and the grinding, Suffocation groove that accompanies the rest of that track is heartburstingly brilliant.

You need well written, excellently executed death metal with guts, gore and massive riffs? Then Epidemia are for you. ‘Leprocomio’ is one of the most assured death metal records of 2016; one I’ve come back to numerous times for the strength of its songwriting and its powerful riffage. I love this fucking record, and there’s no shame to it!


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