Review: Vonülfsrëich – Spell of Thunder

Posted: August 1, 2016 in Reviews
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The fourth record from Finnish black metallers Vonülfsrëich, ‘Spell of Thunder’, is rooted in traditional black metal; harsh and raw with definitive old school values. This pulls no punches, dark and malevolent worship of Venom and Celtic Frost.

‘From the Realms of Iron We Were Summoned’ is rampant in its single minded ferocity, bringing to mind the likes of Darkthrone. If you had slotted this album into the dark recesses of 1994 Scandinavian black metal, it would have fitted in perfectly. The raging ‘Barbaric Bloodlust’, and particularly the slower ‘Sepulchral Spell’ are great pieces of traditional black metal without any kind of ghostly, atmospheric flair or melody appearing. This is proper, dark black metal with a morbid guitar tone that cuts through the growing murk of tracks like ‘A Key to the Alchemist’s Diary’, or the grandiose darkness of the epic ‘Kakki Paha’.

‘Spell of Thunder’ could easily be written off as another one dimensional black metal album, but I think that misses the point of this piece. It is EXACTLY that by design, using the classic template with a little variation here and there. It has this blackened punk vibe that later Darkthrone releases have that I really like, and a track like ‘Fucking Frozen’ pays more than a little lip service to Venom or Celtic Frost. It helps add an authenticity to what Vonulfsreich are doing, and it is something I really enjoy.


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