Review: Skyforger – Senprusija

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Reviews
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Latvian pagan folk metal heroes Skyforger return with their newest record, ‘Senprusija’, meaning ‘Old Prussia’, and is almost an hour of dark pagan metal dedicated to the tales of the Baltic peoples of old Prussia. It’s been five years since their last, ‘Kurbads’, and its been worth the wait. Side note, and I know its totally unintentional but the cover to ‘Senprusija’ totally reminds me of the cover of Fozzy’s ‘All That Remains’. I know that ‘Senprusija’s artwork is designed to show how there is nothing but bones left of Old Prussia, its just the first thing that jumped into my head.

After a melancholic, folky intro, the title track explodes into life with an icy cold, almost black metal feel. There’s plenty of galloping NWOBHM style leads, and even some pan pipes, creating a fist pumping pagan anthem. ‘Sudavu jatnieki’ is another rampaging folk metal anthem, with some darker heavier moments. ‘Tagad vai nekad’ is one of the best headbangers you’ll hear this year. Skyforger have their pagan and folk roots, blended with some cold black metal in parts, but at the core of their music is an innate sense of heavy metal.

Skyforger have crafted a fine record here, melding together traditional folk elements (see the ethnic chanting on the chugging doom laden ‘Ramava’) with some some great song writing and some great riffs. Holding high the banner of their country’s heritage, Skyforger bring the melody, the heaviness and the passion to ‘Senprusija’. Someone will have to go pretty far to beat this as one of the highlights of any metal genre this year, but particularly folk metal. Cīnīties par godu!!



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