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Sorcery - Garden of Bones

The legendary Sorcery have come crawling once again from the Swedish underground with fire in their bellies and riffs from the vintage book of Swedeath. Their classic debut, ‘Bloodchilling Tales’, is a favourite of mine, and we waited over 20 years for the follow up, 2013’s raging ‘Arrival at Six’. Not so long a wait for new record ‘Garden of Bones, 52 minutes of classic death metal goodness from Xtreem Music.

Opener ‘Holy Ground’ opens with a total righteous riff, that tears forward with fearsome power. Each track possesses a primal rage, where fetid chugging riffs meet a thick growl and a dense, atmosphere coats the production. Every vintage Swedeath trick appears, from the galloping rage of ‘Hellstorm’ to the morbid chug of ‘Cleansed by Fire’. But as masters of the craft, Sorcery live and breathe these kind of riffs, rather than just being copycats.

What really impresses me is how the songs breathe and devleop. Anyone can write a three minute rager with chainsaw riffing and deathly roars. But Sorcery give each track a little more time, allows ideas to flourish and thus create a much more interesting and refreshing album. It’s great to see a band with this much history in the scene come back relevant and yet true to their roots. Take the monolithic closing title track, that exudes a regal strength and constrained ferocity.

‘Garden of Bones’ is a strong slice of vintage Swedish death metal that is at once contemporary and instanly recognisable. Sorcery do their legacy proud, and continue to prove that the twitching corpse of Swedeath still has much to offer. Hail chainsaw riffs of death!


Argentinean legends Vibrion have returned with ‘Bacterya’, their new record and first for Xtreem Records. Xtreem has a reputation for putting out some high quality death metal and ‘Bacterya’ looks to be another great addition to their roster. Vibrion’s last full length was almost 20 years ago, so this has been a long time in coming.

Opener ‘Day of Replication’ reeks of vintage death metal fury, borrowing liberally from the fetid swamp of early 90s Florida. There’s also touches of Immolation in the swaying crush, and the bottom end is thunderously heavy. Vibrion are a relentless killing machine, whether in the bulldozing ‘The Worm Immune’ or the unholy rumblings of ‘Ill Essentia’. Almost two decades has not dulled their axes, which are hewn from the sharpest riffs. The title track could have lurked as a B-side on Morbid Angel’s ‘Covenant’, with its menacing swaying chug.

‘Bacterya’ is a melting pot of classic death metal influences, wrought into interesting new forms by these legendary stalwarts. Injecting that traditional South American fury into the assault works well, with the chugging ‘Hidden Plague Disseminator’ being a particular stand out with its off kilter time signatures. Vibrion are a band whose legacy may just be reexamined after this record, as ‘Bacterya’ is a great no nonsense death metal record full of riffs. Let’s hope they can be recognised for what they are, which is a kickass band!

If you don’t know this band, then I urge you to seek out their debut ‘Albion Thunder’, which steamrollered the competition in 2009. Featuring members of Orange Goblin and Sabbat, it was and still is crushing crusty death metal fury and now, 3 years after their second album ‘The Power’, we were finally being treated to a follow up. ‘Ravens Krieg’ promises more of the same, and it came out last October on Xtreem Music.

Opener ‘Rock Cemetery’ is a skull battering assault of rough and ready death metal, that sounds like iron boots grinding bones to dust. It’s fearsome, violent and totally uncompromising, which is something you can say for almost every track on this raucous record. There’s rumbling Bolt Thrower-esque violence in the form of’Victory in Defeat’ as well as waspish thrashing crust ‘(‘VIP Treatment’). But there is a snotty, crust punk attitude that infects every rusty riff that provides the most fun here. The shout along thunder of ‘Bitten by Witch Fever’ is my favourite track, although it is pushed close by the raging ‘Brigade 77’ that follows it.

Ravens Creed have nailed their blitzkrieg of proto deaththrash riffs perfectly, and ‘Ravens Krieg’ flies past you in such a flash that you’ve gotta put it straight back to the start and go again! The simple fact that the record ends with a 13 minute crusty death thrasher that never gets boring is testament to the quality on show here. Incredibly addictive, no frills, no bullshit death metal carnage that deserves your attention and your hard earned cash. Awesome

Finnish death metal legends Purtenance have dropped this awesome new record, which for me is their finest work since that classic ‘Member of Immortal Damnation’, all the way back in 1992. A rumbling, vicious piece of classic Finnish style death, ‘To Spread the Flame of Ancients’ is out on Xtreem Music.

Opener ‘Invocatio’ scorches the ground with a brutal riff, the kind of riff that graveyards are hewn from. Torn from the void of vintage Finnish death, Purtenance instantly obliterate any fear that they may not be able to live up to the legacy of their debut. A devastating crawl of sludgy death, that is battered into shape by the relentless pounding of ‘Perventio’, the crushing destruction of ‘Destroyed Human Mind’ and the sublime chaos of ‘Disseminated Death’.

Purtenance reaffirm my belief that old school bands are just as relevant as the new kids on the block. There’s osmething to be said for experience, as long as whichever band is not resting on its past successes. Purtenance aren’t at all, in fact with every morbid riff and every undead growl comes more and more evidence that they are more important now than ever. In fact, Ville K on vokills is the most impressive part, his fearsome growl towering over the awesome metal on display.

‘To Spread the Flame of Ancients’ is proof that the corpse of death metal is rising from the grave, dragging limbs and chains with it. Purtenance play death metal that oozes primordial hate, and it feels so natural for this band to create such music. This album is a lost gem from last year, and we need to spread the word of how fucking great this is!

Columbian legends Masacre (the OCD in me wants to correct that spelling, every time!) have been lurking around since the 80s, crushing those who oppose them with brutality and typical South American aggression. ‘Brutal Aggre666ion’ is their fifth full length, and its been a long eleven years since their last.

‘La Guerre’ opens with what feels like vintage 90s death metal riffing. There’s a lot of blasting, reminiscient of fellow continental heroes Krisiun, but the music peddled by Masacre is altogether less polished and more raw. Fearsome roars coupled with a deadly pounding makes Masacre instantly enjoyable. The’ve got that typically South American savagery, yet don’t overplay it. Yes, there’s relentless death metal violence on show, but it is tempered by guitar solos, slower heavy sections and tuches of actual melody.

The song lengths are impressive too for a South American outfit. Masacre are not afriad to stretch out the boundaries of a song to insert more riffs and brutality. Most South American bands I’ve come across go hell for leather and don’t stop. Masacre has a nice change of pace. The crushing epic ‘Donde Habital el Mal’ has some great variety, but is mostly Asphyx-esque steamrollery. ‘Satanic Peace Agreement’ is an exercise in endless blasting brutality, while the wailing solos of ‘Reality Death’ are simply awesome.

For a band that have been blasting carnage for 25 plus years, Masacre have gone from strength to strength. Their latest is an exercise in straightforward death metal, and you would be lucky to find one better.

Italian death metallers Daemoniac recored their newest mini CD ‘Lord of Immolation’ at Sunlight Studios. Which means only one thing; this is burning, raging death metal in its finest, Swedish form. Containing members of legendary Italian death metal band Horrid, this should be rather good.

You can feel the putrid corpse of early 90s death reeking from every riff, every ragged chainsaw riff that bursts from the savage ‘Away from Christ’. The murky, graveyard groove of ‘Demonic Possession’ descends to hell, riffs in tow. Daemoniac’s sound is so authentic they should have been in Daniel Ekeroth’s book! Their Crematory cover, the skull rattling ‘Chunks of Flesh’ is great, as is the churning ‘Desecration of Christianity’.

Short but ultimately a great taster for fans new to Daemoniac, like me. Italy has been known for producing some great death metal acts, and Daemoniac should join them soon. ‘Lord of Immolation’ is a ripping set of death metal songs with a deep Swedish influence, but enough of their own magic to keep them interesting. Love it









As you could guess, a band with the word ‘sick’ in both their name and their album title is gonna be pretty heavy. Norwegian brutalists The Sickening count amongst their number the drummer from Blood Red Throne, so you can guess the pedigree is going to be pretty high. But can The Sickening continue what is becoming a death metal century for Norway?

In short, yes. ‘Sickness Unfold’ is half an hour of raging death metal, summoning the spirits of Suffocation, Aborted and other old school riff masters. The sheer ferocity is terrifying, with relentless blastbeats battering you into submission. The production seems a little thin, but it doesn’t prevent the outrageous technicality of some of the riffing to shine through. Tracks like the machine gun heaviness of ‘Fixed on Killing’ or the pinch harmonic laden ‘Unnamed Horror’ conjure new levels of technical carnage.

The Sickening tread a strange path. This is brutal death metal to be sure, but it is lacking the thickness of production, which lays the incredible fretwork bare for all to appreciate. Vocally, it is pretty standard death growl fare, but the thinner sound makes them stand out. The music is so clear, you can notice little nuances and the level of musicianship just becomes more apparent. Not to say this isn’t ferociously heavy, it just is in a different way.

‘Sickness Unfold’ slices into you with surgical precision. Tracks like ‘A Mind Deranged’ and my personal favourite ‘Power Tool Sodomy’, which has this savage Hate Eternal vibe, showcase The Sickening’s song writing ability, and ‘Sickness Unfold’ develops into an album that brings back good memories of when technical/brutal death wasn’t just pig squeals and breakdowns. Get on this!