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Medieval black metallers Wreodan Healh were mentioned on my previous ‘The Roundup‘ post, and I got a free download of their three track release, ‘Laecig’ from their bandcamp. The band are from Cornwall, and play black metal with a look to the past. The intro track, ‘Shadowreathed’, is a haunting synth piece that hypnotises and soothes you into a false pretense. When ‘Kingdom of Ancient Sorrow’ kicks in, we’re thrown into mid paced black metal with a raw vocal rasp and a rumbling menace. It is reasonably melodic, with a memorable riff pattern and it doesn’t fall into the trap of ‘raw black metal = hail of blastbeats’. This is raw with feeling rather than sound. It is also not afraid to inject the song with a glorious solo, that finishes the song on a high note.

The last track, ‘Towers Over Desolate Realms’ opens a bit more subdued before the black metal arrives. It is more blast heavy, but they’re layered deep under the murk so they’re aren’t overpowering. Wreodan Healh have a primitive ambience to their music; an atmosphere that brings to mind the past without sounding too folky or pagan. Their music just FEELS old, like ancient trees or weathered mountains. Definitely recommended!

*Editor’s note: The band contacted me and asked me to correct the fact that only their drummer is from Cornwall, and the others are in fact from Rednal, Birmingham, which is where the name comes from. Apologies guys!

Another day, another session of finding top quality underground bands for me to enjoy, and for me to promote. Yet another collection from the UK, which astounds me every time. Britain is the home of metal, and it is the home of metal’s future. We have a burgeoning underground just waiting for someone to discover the next gem, and you never know, you may hear it here first! Expect full reviews of some of these in the coming days.

First on my list, Wreodan Healh from the deep south of Cornwall. Atmospheric black metal, murky and dark. It’s very depressive, with raw vocals over wat at times feels quite pagan and medieval riffing. . Their EP ‘Læcig’ is available on their Bandcamp and is mesmerisingly dark.

Next up is brutal death/thrashers Severe Lacerations. Now, they only have one song available that I can find, entitled ‘Shadows of the Morgue Pit‘ on their Facebook page, but its a brutal if unpolished slab of death/thrash tastiness. They bring to mind early Entombed with a bit of a Celtic Frost vibe too. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

Another quality band from the deathier sound of things are progressive death metal destroyers Blood Thread from Glasgow. Their 3 track EP ‘The Tolerance is Over’ is available on their Bandcamp, and is a chunky riffathon full of massive groove and blastbeats. It is very professional recorded and has a song entitled ‘Bawbag’, which always wins the day for a man like myself.

White Hunter, a viciously raw black metal band from Cumbria, is next. Now they haven’t produced any new music in a number of years but ARE still active according to a source of mine and are in the process of writing new music. They have material available to listen to on their Myspace (Yeah, that’s almost trve kvlt in this modern age, still using Myspace), including two tracks from their 2005 demo ‘Live Off Your Land’. It is savagely raw, tremolo heavy and blasting black metal, and I’d love to hear more. ‘Three Wanderers of the Estuary’ is particularly nasty.

Finally, the thrashing groove metal of Carlisle’s Triverse Massacre. A five piece with some seriously catchy riffing patterns, and enough groove to slam a head through a wall with the banging and the such. Oy. You can get their ‘In the Jaws of Deceit’ release on Bandcamp for a mere £1 donation. For four tracks of aural violence and air drum inducing blasts, Triverse Massacre are the band for you.