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I’m getting a holiday next week for the first time in, um, 2 years. Fuck, that long? Urgh. Anyway, my wonderful lady and I are jetting off to the least kvlt place I can think of; Menorca. Quiet, Mediterranean weather and hopefully some quality beer and relaxation time. But, a man has got to have a playlist to crank when he needs a riff. So I’ve made my ultimate SUN playlist. Hint, all the songs have Sun in the title. Yeah, it’s three a.m, cut me some slack.

1. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

2. Wintersun – Beyond the Dark Sun

3. Suffocation – Despise the Sun

4. Electric Wizard – The Sun Has Turned to Black

5. Boris – Flower Sun Rain

6. Nightrage – The Glow of the Setting Sun

7. Animals – House of the Rising Sun

8. Nightwish – Sleeping Sun

9. My Dying Bride – Like Gods of the Sun

10. Devin Townsend – Sunshine and Happiness

11. Dio – Sunset Superman

12. Windhand – Winter Sun


A poor day music wise for myself. Saturdays in the pub trade can be reasonably busy, and even though we run a country pub, we get our fair share of people. Today I’ve only managed three records, which has been the worst so far, but luckily they were all crackers:

Wintersun – Wintersun

Necrophobic – Hrimthursum

Grave Miasma – Exalted Emanations

Wintersun’s debut record is probably one of the finest melodic death metal records ever written. It exemplifies how good melodeath can be, and also adds so much symphony and classical arrangements into the riffs. It truly is a masterpiece. Necrophobic are becoming a bit of a favourite at the moment; I loaded all their records onto my iPhone for listening randomly about the pub, and I’ve become rather fond of them. Yet more nasty Swedish death metal but sometimes you cannot have too much. Finally, the newest band on my list is Grave Miasma, a band I only recently found out through a great write up of their new record ‘Odori Sepulcrum’ in Terrorizer. I’m digging their ‘Exalted Emanations’ EP so will definitely be on the look out for adding that to my collection. It’s putrid, crawling death metal at its finest.


My friend asked me to do a blog on metal Christmas songs. Turns out that was a balls idea since I only know like 4, BUT it gave me an idea. Since it is the season to be cold, wet and generally miserable, I’ve decided to put together a list of ‘The Most Badass Songs With Winter In The Title!’

1. Blind Guardian – Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns): a fantastic piece of dark, bombastic power metal majesty

2. Sunn 0))) – Cursed Realm of the Winterdemons: The Immortal track was classic, but this cover is mind suffocatingly dense

3. Darkthrone – The Pagan Winter: Icy black metal from Norway’s finest sons

4. Sodom – Nuclear Winter: vicious early thrash from the German legends

5. Dragonforce – Black Winter Night: before they went all 500mph, Dragonforce were actually a pretty good power metal band

6. Immortal – At the Heart of Winter: the title track to probably my favourite Immortal record. At the heart of winter, there stands Immortal

7. Swallow the Sun – Descending Winters: crushing death/doom that truly feels like the cold is caving in

8. Wintersun – Winter Madness: melodic death metal at its purest, finest moments

9. Hail of Bullets – General Winter: an ominous air raid siren ushers in this juddering death metal classic about the harsh Russian cold

10. Cathedral – Aphrodites Winter: Another slab of finest English doom from the sadly retired legends.

So there we have it, that’s my top ten tracks involving winter. In fairness, I could’ve have just done an Immortal greatest hits, but that would’ve been lazy…!