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Ruach Raah - Under the Insignia of Baphomet

Unapologetically raw black metallers Ruach Raah have released their second full length, ‘Under the Insignia of Baphomet’ through War Art Productions, and it is a welcome dose of primal rage in a genre that has tended to spread towards the vast and more introspective of late. Ruach Raah have no such pretensions.

‘Hang Humanity Upside Down’ is probably the quintessential track in an album full of raw as fuck, black metal nastiness. The riffs are poisonous, venom is spat in throat shredding rasps, and the downright filthy production coats each track in a miasmic, toxic embrace. These Portuguese monsters tear your throat out on the savage ‘Funeral Fumes’, and refuse to stop this cacophonic battering until the last, maiming note of the awesome ‘Bodysnatchers’. An album that is really set all at one pace, and that pace is bloodthirsty and manic.

‘Under the Insignia of Baphomet’ is an album of uncompromising, nasty black metal that will appeal to the Darkthrone/Blasphemy fans in all of us. There does not need to be another dimension to it, only more hatred, more bile vomited at the state of the world, and more sickness at humanity’s wretched spirit. Ruach Raah are here to remind you of the blackness running through metal’s veins.

This striking French black metal debut from Infernal Blast is  a torrent of violent, dark war metal. ‘Wolves Elitism Speech’ has no agenda other than to tear you apart from the ears down, and is another example of how far one man bands have come from badly produced bedroom acts. The cassette is out on 17th November through War Arts Productions.

Opener ‘Destruction Process’ is a vicious, barrelling nightmare of a track, with an eruption of blastbeats peppering a murky and dense guitar attack. This style continues undaunted throughout, from the carnage of the short ‘No Redemption No Remorse’ to the unremitted barbarism of ‘Wolf Hunting’. There isn’t a lot of room for variation but in a seventeen minute release you don’t need it. The creepy samples provide respite enough between the kind of metal that personifies how life is going; bleak, barbaric and dehumanising. ‘Wolves Elitism Speech’ has no care for you, it merely provides a dirty window into our future.

Infernal Blast have a bright future. Well, bright like a nuclear holocaust bright, as their music is apocalyptic, visceral and comes from the primal instincts of man for violence and savagery. ‘Wolves Elitism Speech’ claws and slavers at you, and it is ready to be unleashed on the wider world.

Barbaric Horde - "Gasmask Perpetrators" cover art

Portuguese black metallers Barbaric Horde have unleashed their debut of blashpemic incantations on cassette through War Art Productions. A reassuringly raw and low fi assault on your ear holes, it shows that blackness and evil can come from even the sunniest climates.

Opener ‘Ritual of Sodomy’ clatters with a hypnotic riff and clattering drums, while demonic vocals growl in the most unholy manner. No members are listed on their Encyclopedia Metallum page, so I don’t know even how many people make this primitive racket, but kudos to them for the sheer barbarism of their music. ‘Aborticide Plague’ is dark, raw and utterly fetid.

If you like your Archgoats or Profanaticas, this is a release for you. Approaching almost South American levels of rawness, tracks like the relentless title track, or the slaughterous ‘Superior Baphomet Devotion’ will either thrill you or kill you. Personally, there’s only so much of this kind of primitiveness I can take, but it works well over a shorter release like this. Whether you have the stomach for a full length, we’ll wait and see. Meanwhile, if you like having the flesh seared from your bones by a racket of blasphemous black metal fury, Barbaric Horde is for you. Savage, dark and if it was any rawer you’d send it back!