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Valkyrja - Throne Ablaze

Swedish black metallers Valkyrja’s fourth full length, ‘Throne Ablaze’, comes after a five year wait, and in that time the band have set themselves to the task of creating something even faster, harder and more blasphemous than their previous work. It is out now through WTC Productions.

First track proper ‘Crowned Serpent’ breathes with a hellish cocktail of Marduk’s ferociousness and the more dense, atmospheric tendencies of the likes of Naglfar. This is black metal done in a precisely Swedish way; dripping with melody but most of it is drowned in a viciousness, an ancient and corruptible violence infusing each riff. Even when the pace slows, like in the wretched ‘Transcendental Death’, there are no missteps. ‘Throne Ablaze’ is a record that encapsulates the bile-ridden beauty of Swedish black metal in all its neck snapping, blood stained glory.

From the hatred cascading across the icy ‘Tombs into Flesh’ to the flame licked guitarwork of ‘Paradise Lost’, this record barely takes its foot off the pedal. Don’t allow ‘Throne Ablaze’ to slip past you, because Valkyria have crafted a punishing exercise in the infinite balance of both the melodic and the blasphemous. ‘Throne Alze’ is a record that has both in plentiful amounts, and you’ll not get tired of it.


Adaestuo are one of those odd, otherworldly black metal bands that summon true darkness, true uncomfortableness. It seems, with the plethora of balck metal out there, that its easy to take the frozen second wave approach and smash away for 40 mins, barely changing tempo or chord. Adaestuo are different, and thank fuck for that. Their debut mini album ‘Tacent Semitae’ is out 11th November on WTC Productions.

Channelling vintage tremolo riffing through a murky, industrial tunnel of strange effects and smothering it with a foggy production, opener ‘The Abyss (Otchlan)’ is defiantly one of the weirdest bits of extremity you’ll come across. The ghostly dramatics of the clean vocals, meshed with the jagged rasp of a more obvious black metal style, makes for quite the uneasy listen. Speaking of uneasy, the terrifying dark ambient/industrial emanation of ‘Cicatrices Plexae (Scar-Braids)’ is ultra creepy, and each twist of the black metal blueprint takes you deeper and deeper into Adaestuo’s dark maelstrom.

The ravage of ‘Destroyer of Constellations (Niszczycielem Gwiazdozbiorow)’ (man that’s a mouthful) is explosive in its blasting at the start, then slowly begins to evolve into a crawling, oily monster that slips from the deepest places amongst the stars, enveloping light and hope. Closing with the title track, that emerges from mourning whispers into a gloomy and hellish soundscape where ghostly solo vocals lift from this earth into places unknown, Adaestuo break apart and reform the bonds of black metal in new and exciting ways.

I recommend this to everyone who wants something a bit different from their standard black metal. ‘Tacent Semitae’ is oppressive, otherworldly and thoroughly absorbing, and one of the most interesting black metal releases I’ve heard in years