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Vale of Pnath - Accursed

Technical death shredders Vale of Pnath are releasing their new EP, ‘Accursed’, through the iconic Willowtip Records, and even though it is an EP it still manages to cram 27 minutes of serious mind melting music into it. It is due to come out in May.

Like the valley of Lovecraftian horror they are named for, Vale of Pnath’s intro, ‘Shadow and Agony’ is suitably dark and horrifying. It leads directly into the maelstorm of ‘The Darkest Gate’, which couples the maddening technical death metal for which the band are known, with an undeniably miasmic black metal atmosphere. There is so much collaboration between black and death metal now that it is sometimes difficult to see where each genre splits, but Vale of Pnath manage to keep their riffing deathly and their atmospherics blackened. There’s moments in ‘Skin Turned Soil’ that bring to mind ‘Deathcult’-era Dimmu, while ‘Audient Void’ sounds like an echo chamber for the vale of Pnath itself.

The cascading death metal riffing of ‘Obsidian Realm’, that begins to drown in the blackened waters is a perfect example of why ‘Accursed’ is a record that is a joy to write about. The overall atmosphere is menacing, horrendous filth that seethes with untold terror, while the musicianship is equally jaw dropping. Vale of Pnath’s work is carved from molten rock, and burnished into an alien hue, both unknown and mesmerising.

This week, I have been mostly enjoying the newest breed of deathcore/slam-death metal that seems to be leaking all over the place. I have a bit of a soft spot for this style if I’m honest. Yeah yeah, none of it is particularly original, or even impressive but by Lucifer it is fucking heavy. Amd sometimes that is all you need. Moving on!

First off we have Those Who Fear and their new track, ‘Burn’. It’s a fair approximation of deathcore; full of chugging riffs and slamming breakdowns but lacking anything special to lift it above simply decent. Still worth a headbang at least once though. Watch it here:

Next we have Vale of Pnath. Although not technical deathcore/slam (they’re much more widdly tech death merchants), I thought I’d include them simply because they SLAY! It’s difficult to make technical death that’s catchy but these Rocky Mountain movers pull it off. Its a grower too, my first impression was less enthusiastic (I believe I wrote in my notebook that it was nothing to go out of the way for), but its definitely getting better with each listen. Watch fingers bleed here:

Final track this evening is Osiah and Perennial Agony. Now this is heavy. Seriously heavy. Like tectonic plates smashing into each other heavy. This is the reason I like some deathcore. Huge breakdowns reinforce what’s great about brutal music, and although there is nothing revolutionary about it, it ticks all the right boxes in the riff categories for me. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll admit to being converted. Crush your ears here: