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Another piece of fine black metal being released by Tridroid Records erly next year is the self titled debut from Uprising. The press release states there is no bio and none will be given, to ensure that the band is judged purely on their musical output. So, I can’t give you any further information.

What I can tell you however, is that Uprising have a satisfying thick sound, with opener proper ‘Uprise’ provided a dense wall of black metal for you to be crushed by. Oppressive, dirging in parts, Uprising loom from murky depths, hurling themselves like a monstrous beast against your mind. Blasting carnage embraces ‘Gather the Dark Spirits’, a writhing, roiling behemoth of a track. Ironically, it is the shortest track here, but it has the most visceral impact.

However, Uprising can hit with atmospherics as well as pure rage. The gloomy ‘Ravens in Dark Skies’ is sodden with pagan mystery, while the regal blackness of ‘Nihilistic Chants’ channels early Satyricon. But it is closer ‘Behold the Eternity of Stars’ that truly brings us to the end of our journey; a urgent, chameleonic piece of black metal that encompasses everthing that Uprising do well. Mysterous they may be, but their music is certainly enough to justify searching them out. This is great.