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Two piece Singaporean atmospheric doom band Onset’s debut EP, ‘Unstructured Dissemination’ was previously only available through Bandcamp, and now it is getting a physical release through Japanese doom label Weird Truth Productions. Blending doom, post rock and some more extreme elements, this is out at the end of the month.

To say that this is an atmospheric work would not be enough, as Onset open with a menacing melody that floats under a thick gloom; a morose and smothering vibe that permeates your mind and soul. Like the dampness of an autumn mist, ‘Permeation: The Ordeal’ heaves and lurches with massive riffs, while there is some subtle electronic underplay with swelling synths that shimmer in and out as well. The heaviness turns to ethereality twoards the end of the song, as the mountain becomes the clouds. ‘Pestis: The Suppressing and Recurrence’ has a much more mesmerising gleam to it, while still retaining some grooving heaviness.

‘Unstructured Dissemination’ pulses with a vibrancy and a life you wouldn’t normally expect in a doom record. The songs are layered well, opening up with repeated listens and Onset manage to come across as feeling new and unique, something to be treasured these days. Definitely check this out.