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Tyrants Blood - Into the Kingdom of Graves

Canadian black/death/thrash metallers Tyrants Blood have been going for over a decade now, and their crictically acclaimed third full length ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ is getting the rerelease treatment from Tridroid Records. This time it’ll be available on vinyl, after a CD release from the band themselves the first time round. What an untamed beast of a record this one is…

Opener ‘Spiral Sea’ explodes with furious blasting, a chaotic maelstrom of early Possessed and Death clashing with the fury of violent black metal aesthetics. Think Anaal Nathrakh without all the vast, epic clean sections, and you’re getting there. A howling tornado of blackened rage sweeps across the Midwest of your mind, destroying everything in its path with poisoned riffs and an unstoppable blasting battery. Unbridled ferocity is the name of the game here, and Tyrants Blood bring it.

At points, there’s some technical riffing, at times there’s galloping guitarwork that would make the finest of black metal bands take notice. But it always seems to return to their nationality. Canadian Metal (which thanks to Fenriz is totally a genre) is full of bands that take well-trod paths and yet pull out stunning replications of the style. Tyrants Blood are another example, with the pinnacle of extremity being the juddering behemoth of ‘Decree of the Dead’. But you could try any moment here, from ‘Conjure the Watcher’ to ‘Within Outer Scars’, and you would never be let down for brutality. Awesome.