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International death/doom supergroup Towards Atlantis Lights have gifted to us, the miserable and the melancholic, ‘Dust of Aeons’, which is a culmination of death/doom laden hymns to the abyss from years past. Transcending Obscurity is putting this wondrous, beautiful slab of music out there to remind us all that it could and almost definitely will get worse.

The epic behemoth that is ‘The Bunker of Life’ gives us a massive half hour of atmospheric, crushing doom that is laced with some of the heaviest moments TO Records have released this year. A sensual, miasmic journey through brutality, misery, bleak melody. A true odyssey of heavy music, with dashes of My Dying Bride-laced piano and some old fashioned Finnish-style death completes the piece. It really reminds me of aquatic funeral doom lords Ahab, and to think there are still three more tracks…

‘Babylon’s Hanging Garden’ is guttural death at its lowest possible pace, with a haunting spoken word section breaking the grind. More dragging, ghostly misery comes in the elegiac ‘Alexandria’s Library’, and you are finished off with the visceral pain and crawling morbidity of ‘Greeting Mausolos’ Tomb’. Towards Atlantis Lights have created something incredibly lonely here; an album that teeters at the edge of fragility while retaining this intense and eldritch heaviness. Death/doom often focuses on the death, and the doom is not always truly captured. ‘Dust of Aeons’ may be the most doom-laden epitaph this world will face when it finally crumbles into dust.


Now this is Swedish fucking death metal. Well, Swedish death metal meets crust but seriously, this is the most Swedish thing I’ve heard since the glory days of the early 90s. Henry Kane have their new record ‘Den Förstörda Människans Rike’, coming out on Monday through Transcending Obscurity, and it is positioned to be a highlight of 2017.

‘En själ till salu’ opens with a painfully raw riff, severing limbs and caving skulls instanteously. Rabid vocals howl from the speakers, while savage riffs hide the subtlest of melodies within them. A cacophony of Scandinavian black magic laces each poisonous riff, like venom on a snake’s fang. Each track flails with hopeless abandon, like the arm on the cover, grasping futilely for help, for salvation. Punishing blasting drags you back into the fold, during the hellish ‘Skuld och begär’ and the furious title track, which has more than a dash of melancholy about it in parts.

A relentless record that barely lifts the foot off the accelerator, but when it does there are some hidden moments of melody and subtlety that you would never expect coming from a crusty, grinding death metal monster like this. Henry Kane are special because of precisely this, and ‘Den Förstörda Människans Rike’ is the kind of album you’ll hear different things on each listen. Twisting, grinding, savage death metal that thunders at breakneck place and leaves those too weak to follow broken, battered and dead. Awesome stuff!