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The Drowning - The Radiant Dark

If there is one nation suited to bringing us mighty slabs of misery this year, it is Britain. Lords of death/doom The Drowning release their fifth full length record, ‘The Radiant Dark’, on the 5th of November through Transcending Obscurity and it looks to provide us another reason to be miserable during a wet and cold winter. But in a good way!

After the emotional swell of ‘Alpha Orionis’, ‘The Triumph of the Wolf in Death’ crashes upon us like waves in a storm. True great death/doom hits you not only with weight but with an emotional fragility that The Drowning really understand. ‘The Radiant Dark’ oozes with a glimmering bleakness, a towering crush of brutality and melancholy that is staggering. This is a beautiful record, from the sweeping rainy misery of ‘I Carve the Heart from the Universe’ to the glacial gloom of ‘In Cold Earth’ and the majestic ache of ‘Blood Marks My Grave’. The Drowning have honed their craft into something that transcends mere genre classifications. There is true moments of thunderous death metal here as well, not just the slow, inexorable crawl of sadness, best shown in the crushing rage of ‘Harrowed Path’.

‘The Radiant Dark’ looms large in my records of the year, as there is few releases this year that combine both the heaviness I look for as well as the emotional connection. It is a record that, when I hear it, it makes me feel alive. That is a rarity these days, and it counts for a lot.