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I know, I know, wrong Indians… BUT! The Indian subcontinent is producing some of the best new sounds and bands in underground metal. Only with the rise of Demonic Resurrection in the past few years, first with their staggering ‘The Return to Darkness’ record, and their latest ‘The Demon King’ has there been a really well known Indian metal band. Hopefully that will now change with some more bands finding exposure. So I decided to focus on India for this installment, and go a-scouring for the best metal that it has to offer.

First of all, I’m plugging Crypted. A progressive death metal band from Chennai, they play a brutal, propulsive style of death, punctuated with the odd jazzy break and some virtuoso guitar work. If what I’ve heard from ‘Flesh Eater‘ is anything to go by, they could be pretty big. It’s catchy as hell while losing nothing of its brutality and heaviness. Check them out.

Another great Indian band are Toxoid. Now, my friend Steve at Sixsixsix Music was the one who suggested these guys. They play a rather vicious style of black metal, paying homage to the cold white north. For a band from such a tropical area of the world, ‘Aurora Satanae‘ is an icy cold, Satanic blast of metal that could be straight from Scandinavia. It’s bloody marvellous. Download it on their Bandcamp for a paltry $4.

I’m going to mention Demonic Resurrection here, as even though they aren’t really an underground band anymore being featured in magazines across the world, it is important to acknowledge that they’ve come out representing their country with serious chops and tunes behind them. If it wasn’t for ‘The Return to Darkness’, I would never have considered India as such a fertile breeding ground for the new breed of extremity. So hail to them and simply put, buy the shit out of their stuff, because it’s devastating blackened death metal. If the rest of their new record sounds like this, it’s going to be challenging in many album of the year lists.

Back to the underground now, but possibly not to stay there considering the quality of last year’s ‘The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence’, Reptilian Death bring the heavy and the death metal with similar qualiy and ferocity as Demonic Resurrection, and it’s only a matter of time I feel until we’re mentioning them alongside their more famous countrymen as the newest hopes for death metal. Listen here.

Penultimately we come to Mumbai’s Bhayanak Maut, a band who mix elements of death metal and hardcore, but yet aren’t metalcore nor deathcore. I suppose they could just be metal eh? Your nearest comparison is someone like Lamb of God or Devildriver I guess, although they don’t quite match up with the quality in those bands. They have a couple of good songs on YouTube, and I’d definitely be interested in hearing more. Solid heavy metal for the pit.

Last, but in no way least is Inner Sanctum, death/thrashers from Bangalore. A band who have opened for both Slayer and Metallica in the past, it implies an impressive pedigree and talented guys, and Inner Sanctum do not disappointed. Their thrash is chunky, similar to Megadeth when they’re on form. It’s well paced, not hyper speed and it possesses some cracking riffs. Listen here.

This is only a brief look at some of the 145 bands listed on Encyclopedia Metallum that play metal in India. I picked the favourites of the ones I could find to listen to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.