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Nosferatruxe - Nosferatruxe

The brutality is almost bursting from the self titled debut by Bangkok, Thailand’s Nosferatruxe, which came out late last year through Brute! Productions and it is twenty four minutes of head caving, throat slitting aural torture. In the best way.

There is absolutely no space to breathe on this year, with opener ‘Coronas Blasting Annihilation’ immediately crushing you with one of the thickest guitar tones out there as unintelligible grunts and gurgles spew from your speakers. There is a barrage of clattering drums, sanity shredding soloing piercing through and the sort of relentless violence that any good brutal death record brings you. But this is truly endless violence, as it all flows together in some virulent pulsing mass of disease and putridity. The choking ‘Terrible Cosmic Froze’, the swampy ‘Infernal Gate in Demonic Mandrake’ and the drowning-in-tar-in-musical-form of ‘Lust of Gods’ really give ‘Nosferatruxe’ a lift above.

It’s a shame I’ve taken this long to get to this record, because it has been a refreshing kick up the arse from some of the stuff I’ve been listening to recently. Savage, direct and utterly devastating, it will pound you into the ground and then smear you across the concrete.

shambles cover haulix.jpg

Thai death metallers Shambles first appeared on my radar at the end of 2016 with their terrifying ‘Realm of Darkness Shrine’ full length (reviewed here), and now they have vomited forth more aural devastation in the form of their new record, ‘Primitive Death Trance’. Released in February on Blood Harvest, it is four more tracks of cacophonous carnage.

Opener ‘Daemon’ crawls forth from the sewage with a lumbering, sludgey evilness before kicking it up a gear. Layering the devastation with absolutely morbid vocals, Shambles are unbearably heavy and disgusting. Their music is about as DEATH/DOOM as there can be, rumbling primitive riffs and inhuman growls. ‘Dismal Pantheons’ is a wind tunnel of shambling, Autopsy worshipping, churning misery. Just when you feel that the riffs are scraping the bottom of the abyssal depths, they go deeper. This is the kind of metal that is birthed in the deepest recesses of the earth, where frothing magma meets the inexorable pressure of the ocean.

‘Primitive Death Trance’ is the kind of music that can define a genre. You won’t hear much this year that is heavier, more crushingly doom nor something that is so virulently savage and violent. This is no illusion of the void, you are staring directly into the black abyss and you are hearing the voices on what lies beneath. Unbelievably great stuff here, cannot recommend it enough.

Having just returned from a sojourn to Thailand, I was amazed to find this Thai death metal band in my inbox. I didn’t have time to do any research into metal of South East Asia before I went away, but if Shambles are indicative of the kind of band I would find, I’ll be doing some digging very soon. ‘Realm of Darkness Shrine’ is out now on vinyl through Nero One Records, and hopefully soon in Europe on Blood Harvest.

Opener ‘Rosarium’ is instantly one of the heaviest things you’l hear this year. A potent mix of deathly doom, a Swedish death metal guitar tone and vocals that sound like the cracking of the earth, Shambles make an instant and vital impression. Conjuring the long dead ghost of Winter, with a flesh tearing riff that could have crawled from any classic Grave record, Shambles are unfathomably heavy. You can compare them to Autopsy, but even those legends didn’t have this crushing low end crawl that Shambles do.

An unholy roar fills the ‘Realm of Darkness Shrine’, making your skin crawl as you are subjected to a relentless and eldritch assault. You can almost feel the claws of darkness upon you, like manic reanimated corpses ready to feed on your life. There is no light, no mercy and no respite here; Shambles craft moss covered riffs, almost ancient in their primal power. The grinding rumble of ‘Onward in Chams’, the cataclysmic closer ‘Bitter Abysmal Depths’; pick any track here to immerse yourself in utter morbidity. Superb!