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Celestial Grave - Burial Ground Trance

Iron Bonehead have been unearthing these underground gems for years, and hidden within dark Finnish soil come Celestial Grave. A two man black metal band that, on their demo release ‘Burial Ground Trance’, express that genre with style and excellent song writing. It is available now on cassette tape, for those of you who wish to light the candles and spin this ode to dark and mysterious places.

Opener ‘The Heartbeats Drum’ has a dark, dense black metal riff that is thick and peppered with blasting. Snarling vocals are par for the course in black metal these days, but these are particularly primal which is great. There’s that traditional Finnish melancholy seeping into each melody, pushing the sound towards the gloomy. The closing solo and melody is incredibly evocative and hypnotic, while ‘The Bearer of Death’ pulses with the broken, bloodied menace of vintage Satyricon.

The title track closes out this tape with energetic traditionalism, invoking necromantic rituals and arcane black magic. Sometimes it’s difficult to express just exactly why you like a record. Not this though. ‘Burial Ground Trance’ is unashamedly Finnish black metal and it wears its black heart on its spiky sleeve. The gloomy melodies are as important as its necro credentials, and Celestial Grave balance both beautifully.


Hadit - Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus

Italian doom lords Hadit bring the crawling morbidity on their ‘Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus’, originally released on tape last year through Caligari Records, but now seeing a CD release through Terror from Hell Records. View this as a future peek at what their upcoming full length will hold…

A dense sludgy crawl emanates from the speaker as we get underway with ‘Occult Whispers Declare the Impending Apocalypse’, before a suffocating, windtunnel vocal voids itself from another dimension. Everything that one would look for in death/doom heaviosity is here, from the inhuman growl to the juddering chug of the riffs. Merely by chance, it’s also the third release that has clearly featured HP Lovecraft as an influence recently, and I guess this is why I enjoy it so much. I’m a huge Lovecraft guy, and anything that attempts to bring out the ‘sound’ of what his novels and stories are is ok in my book.

‘Reborn in New Flesh and Supremacy’ has this uneasy groove to it, that rears its head between a punishing drum performance, and belched vocals of black murk. The EP closes with the monstrous atonal unease of ‘Thirteen Plains of Nonexistence… Awaiting Kadath’, which may sound unwieldy but it is a perfect summation of everything good about Hadit; blasting, inhuman roars, skin crawling atmospherics and heavy, heavy riffing. This upcoming full length should be fantastic.


Tomb Mold - The Bottomless Perdition

Tomb Mold are another Canadian death metal band that have both a lot of potential and a lot of love for the Finnish classics. ‘The Bottomless Perdition’ is a mere taste of what is to come from this duo, with a full length due out from Blood Harvest Records hopefully soon. Never has death felt so alive…

‘(Regions of Sorrow) Intro/Demon’ opens with an ominous drone, a primal vibration of the bones before a nasty riff slashes into your consciousness. A guttural riff that instantly conjures up the bloodstained crawl of Autopsy, which flails and rumbles with primitive fury. Like a force of nature, the deathly howl flows like a fell wind through a dark valley. Corpses line that valley, victims of Tomb Mold’s awesome assault. The skull rattling ‘Gates of Bereavement’ and the furious ‘Valley of Defilement’ is no frills, no bullshit death metal carnage, unhinged and with the sickest of guitar tones.

The thudding closing title track has some of the best, cavernous vocals on the whole release. Blood Harvest have found a raw gem here, and I’d suggest only the merest of polishing is required, because Tomb Mold’s ancient, morbid frenzy is simply fucking great.

Coscradh - Coscradh

Coscradh, which is Gaelic for slaughter or massacre, are the latest snarling beast to come out of the vicious Irish underground, and this is another rabid animal being tamed and nurtured by Invictus Productions, who have brought us some fearsome entities in the past. This is their self titled debut, which is available on tape, and soon on CD and vinyl.

When that creaking, fetid riff erupts at the start of ‘Buried’, like an arm reaching from a crypt, you know that something is afoot here. Something nasty, wretched and frankly, awesome. A dense, murky atmopshere pervades this riff, possessing it and dragging it towards its doom. The frenzy begins; raw riffing slashing from right to left, searing, ripping, gouging at your flesh. You feel instantly that Coscradh aren’t your average underground black/death band.

‘Lynch’ echoes with the cacophony of throat shredding growls, while chaotic blastbeats rain upon a scorched earth. A crazed solo pierces the shower, while incantations to darker beings are made. ‘Drowned’ writhes in molten riffage, while closer ‘Coscartac’ is a lurching, venomous belch from the underworld. Coscradh are my new favourite band of 2016, and I cannot recommend this release enough. Support this fucking band!

Gallower - Witch Hunt Is On

Eastern European bands seem to have this extra viciousness that some western bands lack. Perhaps it’s the religious influence, or the historical repression under the Soviet bloc. Whatever it is, they always sounds pretty pissed off. Gallower is a perfect example of this, as a ravaging blackened thrash group from the Polish underground, their tape debut ‘The Witch Hunt is On’ showcases this ferocity in all its blood spitting glory.

‘King of the Ashes’ is a low fi, thrashing gem that reeks of early Sodom, Kreator and Bathory. It’s along the same lines as the excellent Hellripper in that there’s touches of almost classic heavy metal stapled in there somewhere. ‘Necromancer’s intro riff is a rusty saw to the vein, savagely direct and nasty. The band are possessed of a bug eyed intensity that rarely lets up, and their enthusiasm is infectious. ‘The Inquisitor’ is the best track here, with its vintage proto thrash intro and the throat shredding vocals, laying waste to us all with squalling solo work and battering thrash riffs.

The kind of blackened speed metal thrashing that invokes many invisible oranges, the wearing of bullet belts and the praising of Satan, Gallower’s debut is a fucking excellent release. We need more of this kind of chaos in our lives, and songs like the blazing ‘Holy Light’ or the relentless ‘Burning Redemption’ mark them out as something special.

Ripping Death - Tales of the Ripper

Death metal can be so ugly, and yet so beautiful. This however, is just ugly, nasty brutal death metal that sounds like it has crawled from the void eternal to drag you into its riff laden nexus of fear. Ripping Death is a collaboration between Italian and Spanish metal veterans, and their debut tape, ‘Tales of the Ripper’, is out now on Iron Bonehead.

‘Midnight Terror’ is exactly how you’d expect a band called Ripping Death to sound. A cacophony of Hellhammer riffs, filtered through Repulsion sludge and possessed of a rabid single mindedness. The heavy bassline that opens ‘Night Ripper’ is thick, and the whole tape is bottom heavy through drums, bass and guitar. The tone is sickeningly heavy, and the rasping growl of the vocals adds to an innate sense of urgency. There’s nothing slow and steady, it is all hell for bloodied leather!

‘Death Blow’ encourages your heavy metal heart to embrace darkness, with its almost melodic sections, before the hammerblow of Cianide cover, ‘Rage War’, crushes your last hopes for salvation. ‘Tales of the Ripper’ is a fucking excellent slab of primitive death metal, and if you can get a hold of a tape before they sell out, you’ll be well rewarded.