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Suppressive Fire - Nature of War

Suppressive Fire’s last album was a fucking stormer; a rapid fire thrash record full of blinding riffs and solos and VINTAGE Bay Area influence up the ass. So it is with baited breath I have anticipated this, the North Carolinians’ new record ‘Nature of War’. Finally it has arrived, with a badass monochrome cover envisaging what lies beneath. It’ll be out at the start of 2017 on Lost Apparitions Records.

Suppressive Fire are a slicker, sleeker beast than last we heard from them. Ironically enough, their songs are rawer, more death-thrashy in most places but the song writing is what gives it away. Sure they come across as the bastard sons of Sodom and Slayer, but each track betrays a maturity and an intuitive knack for where to put certain riffs, melodies etc. Take the mid paced ‘No Man’s Land’ for example; rapid fire riffing is always accompanied by nuanced leadwork, while the short but sweet ‘Depraved’ is a thrashing burst of energy. There’s a constant restlessness about ‘Nature of War’; it is always striving to be free, to loose razorbladed riffs upon this world.

The 80s Metallica-esque beauty of album centrepiece ‘Dreaded Bastards’ is an ambitious yet effective measure of how far Suppressive Fire have come from their humble and raw beginnings. Quiet melodies soon melt into a torrent of molten guitar work and a twisting behemoth of a song. Following it with the rabid ‘Earth Ripper’ shows how Suppressive Fire can switch gears effortlessly. Solos spray notes like machines guns, while chugging riffs encourage vigorous headbanging and killer melodies cramp your hands into permanent invisible oranges.

‘Nature of War’ closes with the furiously Kreator-esque ‘Nuclear Dismemberment’, and Suppressive Fire have spent 40 minutes reminding us that thrash is alive and still killing. Their Teutonic influence comes to the fore in a much bigger way here, and that’s a definite good thing. Sometimes it is hard to find the words to properly tell you how an album makes you feel. Well, ‘Nature of War’ is best described in actions. *furiously bangs head and air guitars like a motherfucker*. BUY THIS FUCKING RECORD!

Suppressive Fire - Bedlam

Suppressive Fire’s debut full length is due out in January, and if their debut demo was anything to go by, it’s like to be one of 2016’s hottest thrash releases. Suppressive Fire’s ball busting enthusiasm for classic thrash licks coated in a first wave black metal influence brings a smile to my face every time, and that apocalyptic album art is suitably metal!

Opener ‘Ceasefire’ is a classic example of what Suppressive Fire do so well. It showcases some flashy guitar work, some ripping solos and it is so good to hear some vintage thrash riffs. Suppressive Fire have taken a few tracks from their ‘Hellwraith’ demo to fill up their debut, and the music even at demo level was of such a high quality that those tracks slip on here without being noticed. Suppressive Fire show the kind of enthusiasm for thrash that Municipal Waste and the like did back when they all blew up in about 2006.

The superbly named ‘Nazi Face Melter’ is still an album highlight for me, and the other demo tracks more than hold their own against the newer challengers. There’s a lot of early Kreator and Sodom references, while ‘Thy Flesh Consumed’ squeezes in a little bit of frantic Bay Area worship. Suppressive Fire basically work with all classic thrash tenets, displaying time and time again their ability to write a catchy as hell riff or thirty. The battering of ‘Pyrophoric Blood’ has some great Exodus style riffs, while the percussive thunder of ‘Ironsights is enough to make anyone wanna head bang!

In an era when thrash legends are still capable of writing and releasing high quality records (Kreator, Testament etc), it is great to see a new young band snapping at their heels. Suppressive Fire have the chops to be the next big thing in thrash, if they can get the right exposure. I hope they can, because to lose an album like ‘Bedlam’ to the ocean of mediocre metal releases would be a disgrace. Riff hard, thrash harder!

North Carolinian thrashers Suppressive Fire have teamed up with South Carolinian thrashers Axattack (that’s convenient!) for a four track split offering three covers and a thrash medley. I really dug Suppressive Fire’s debut recording, ‘Hellwraith’ so when I heard about this I figured it was bound to be pretty good. They’ve picked some good bands to cover; black metal legends Bathory, Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy and hardcore icons Black Flag.

So, to Suppressive Fire’s offerings first. The Thin Lizzy cover, ‘Massacre’ (from 1976’s ‘Johnny the Fox’), pays homage to the original’s twin guitar harmonies and bluesy groove but still comes across as quite thrash. I’m pretty sure this is the song that Alexi Laiho took the riff from to write ‘Bodom Beach Terror’ too, actually. Anyway, it’s a pretty badass version of the original, metalising it well. ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ is a pretty straightforward cover, and I must admit that outside ‘My War’ I’ve never been massively into Black Flag so maybe I’m selling it a bit short but it’s just alright for me.

‘War’ on the other hand is ripping. Suppressive Fire have captured the proto thrash rage of Quorthon’s baby in its infancy and given it a shiny 2015 twist. It’s lacking the original’s atmosphere but it’s played with gusto and therefore is rocking. Axattack’s ‘Who the Fuck are Slayer?’ medley has some of the finest moments of 80s thrash melted into one, almost seven minute tribute. Starting with a ‘Raining Blood’-esque drumbeat straight into ‘Seek and Destroy’, your inner metal nerd starts recognising all kinds of songs. Axattack are a bit rawer than Suppressive Fire, the Sepultura to the latter’s Metallica. They batter through Toxic Holocaust’s ‘Nuke the Cross’ straight into a ripping version of Venom’s ‘Black Metal’ and then straight back into ‘Seek and Destroy’. It’s an enjoyable rampage through some of heavy metal’s best moments, ending in a triumphant blast of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’.

This is an enjoyable split of some well crafted thrash covers. These are two quality young bands who deserve support, and if nothing else, deserve to be heard as they do kickass versions of some of your favourites!

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Suppressive Fire are another outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina whose music I’ve been lucky enough to experience in the past day or two. These guys are on the thrash side of the metal fence, and have released their debut ‘Hellwraith’ in August this year. This is 26 minutes of some righteous thrash, razor sharp and catchy as hell.

‘Pyrophoric Blood’ rips out of the starting gate with some brilliant riffing that brings to mind the Teutonic majesty of latter day Kreator, while the snarling vocals mix perfectly. Pyrophoric means something that ignites in air temperature btw, which although no doubt stunningly painful, makes this title TOTALLY metal. The chuggy goodness of ‘Bayonet Penetration’ follows suit, conjuring riffs that inspire the most violent of headbanging.’Nazi Face Melter’ is probably the best metal song name of the year. Probably. Suppressive Fire have opened the Ark of the Riffvenant and brought forth speed metal chaos.

‘Thy Flesh Consumed’ is my favourite track here, from the slow epic intro that is highlighted by a wondrous solo, to the galloping thrash that plays homage to everyone from Exodus to Overkill through Destruction and Death Angel. Suppressive Fire have that energy that bands like Municipal Waste reinjected the scene with when they first appeared, but arguably have more strings to their bow than just straightforward, shredding thrash. This track shows the variety that they’re capable of. ‘The Christian Crippler’ is more breakneck thrashing, and is it just me or do the vocals on this sound kinda like Lee Dorian from Cathedral in places? Maybe I’m hearing things…

Finishing strongly with ‘Holy Masochism’ (Batman! Nah not really…), Suppressive Fire have concocted a brilliant first release here. These songs are all catchy as hell, the riffs are fantastic, the solos are melodic and memorable and the vocals are vintage thrash. If these guys don’t get a major label deal and a fucking Ed Repka cover before long, I’ll eat my hat. And by hat, I mean VIKING HELMET!