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New England death thrashers Rancorous have only recently dropped their ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ debut on their Bandcamp page, but it is already becoming one of my more spun records this year. If you can’t spare a mere six minutes for these tracks, then frankly you’re doing too many things that aren’t important!

Holy shit does that title track rip? Rapid fire, raw as fuck blackened speed metal thrash chaos, ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ is instant, blinding death in song form. Wild soloing punctures the rapid riffing, and ‘Death Incarnate’ continues this hellacious pace with dare I say a little dose of melody too. The rapacious speed of ‘Perverse Subvertor’ is a fitting close to a demo that is over far too quickly.

Frankly, this is a killer debut and only makes me salivate for more. Repeated spins will never lessen the enjoyment, and if anything you can notice even more. Actually, that’s not true as there is nothing subtle about Rancorous at all, and that’s probably what makes ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ so fucking great!


Good, old fashioned punkish speed metal/rock and roll is the name of the game from Denver natives Poison Rites, whose self titled record is high energy and seriously catchy. If you like shit like Hellacopters or the Dead Boys, you’re gonna dig this a lot. A self released effort, but you can pick up LPs etc from Splattered Records too.

Opener ‘Everything I Love’ is kick ass rock and roll with a grimy coating. It’s Motorhead without the snarl, Dead Kennedys without the snotty attitude but all of the infectious melodies. Poison Rites seem to have tapped into an old school punk rock vibe that isn’t about politics, anarchy or controversy, but about getting in that van, travelling gig to gig and rocking out to sweaty crowds. ‘Soft Opening’ has a bit more spit and fire about it, and is a grinding, garage punk classic. The more I listen to this record, the more I like the one dimensional, bloody mindedness of the whole thing. Having the same vocalist as the sadly dead Speedwolf only increases the greatness for me.

Laden with killer hooks and no nonsense punk riffing, Poison Rites feel like they’re that lost band that didn’t make it when the Stooges and MC5 made it big, yet are as capable of writing great songs. Nostalgia punk and roll is what everyone needs sometimes, and the awesome ‘Darkest Darkness’ is the perfect example of how Poison Rites do it so right


Chicago heavy metallers Lethal Shöck dropped their debut record back in July on the excellent Witches Brew label, and they are a band for whom the early 80s didn’t evolve into the heavy metal world we know today. They are firmly lodged back with the likes of classic Venom and Exciter, and ‘Evil Aggressor’ is a half hour blast of heady speed metal glory.

First, we need to address that album cover. A demon guitarist shooting electric bolts at a poor victim from his axe, while a church burns in the background? Holy shit, that’s metal as fuck. Opener ‘Sulfur Heart’ reinforces that feeling, with a big build up intro straight into classic speed metal riffing. A cocktail of Motorhead and Venom guitar gallop, with a spike and leather clad gravelly vocal performance which induces the burning desire to bang heads and destroy pits. The rabid ‘Atomik Obedience’ and short sharp shock of ‘I Am Your Hero’ are reminscient of the neon punk thrash that Municipal Waste sought to emulate a few years back, but Lethal Shöck are grimier and rawer.

For the traditionalist, there is the galloping verse riffs and glorious solos of ‘Endless Midnight’; fans of the rawer approach will take heart in the raspy vocals and the sick guitar tone. ‘Evil Aggressor’ is a shot in the arm to those who think that since Lemmy died that heavy metal is dying. This carries on the great man’s legacy, and while never matching his penchant for rock and roll, Lethal Shöck’s love of classic speed and heavy metal shines through. Songs like the rousing ‘Iron Fisted Assault’ and the thrashing ‘Up the Voltage’ are bursting with energy and vigour. Never mind stoking the fires of metal, ‘Evil Aggressor’ pours petrol on it and laughs as the world burns!


The debut full length from Greek Power/speed/thrash/heavy metal types Saboter, the ominously titled ‘Mankind is Damned’, is painted in lurid colours on its Repka-esque cover art. From that, you would certainly assert that the human race is indeed under threat, but mainly in this case from the razor sharp hooks of this record!

Opener ‘Purifier’ could be a lost cut from ‘Painkiller’, and the rather obvious Judas Priest influence continues throughout, but the guitar melodies are excellent and each song is catchy as hell. Saboter is clearly set on vintage heavy metal as its biggest influence, but there’s definitely some American style power metal theatrics in there too. The grandiose ‘Marching Death’ has it all, acoustics build into a progressive, almost Maiden-like piece with style, as is the galloping ‘Impaler’. There’s rife NWOBHM notes, from Jaguar to Angel Witch, but there’s something intangibly brilliant about ‘Ghost in the Machine’, and I’m feeling some Iced Earth from it too.

That’s the joy of Saboter. They bring pleasures of classic heavy metal into the modern world, while adding little bits of more contemporary power metal and thrash elements. ‘Sacred Catalyst’ could’ve dropped off the edge of Iced Earth’s first few records, but Saboter’s personal stamp is all over this record. The music is excellent, the songs are catchy as hell, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every heavy metal second of it!

Whipstriker - Only Filth Will Prevail

Brazilian speed metaller Whipstriker are one of those bands that fill their discography with shitloads of splits and EPs, building their style and their catalogue with hard work and time. Their latest full length, ‘Only Filth Will Prevail’, is their third, and being of Brazilian stock gives me the feeling that this is going to tear me a new one…

‘Waiting for the Doomsday’ is instantly infectious, with a simplistic but awesome riffing pattern that elicits instant headbanging. The following half hour is for those of us that have a soft spot for Venom, Mercyful Fate with the theatrics turned right down, or early NWOBHM bands where speed and solos were the focus. Whipstriker pull out all the most metal words for song titles too, with ‘nuclear’, bloodbath’, ‘hate’, ‘armageddon’ and of course ‘metal’ all making an appearance. The slightly slower ‘Flames of Hate’ is probably my favourite song here, with its more midpaced gallop setting it apart from the breakneck speed metal of the rest.

Whipstriker smash out some quality raw traditional metal here, with catchy riffs and rabid hooks keeping the air guitar fingers flying, and the heads thrashing! Available once again through Goatprayer Records, ‘Only Filth Will Remain’ drags you back in time to a place when metal like this rocked tiny, dirty clubs all around this world. A simpler, and sometimes better time, and Whipstriker’s music is a blissful retro smash and grab. Awesome!

Motor - Motor

Motor by Motor, German old school speed metal warriors, is one of these albums that you find very hard to dislike. Their debut album came out over two years ago, but I’ve just managed to get round to getting a copy. I first heard them on a free CD that came with Slowly We Rot, one of Eastern Europe’s finer underground mags. I loved ‘Satanic Rock’, but what is the rest of the album like?

‘Highspeed Drinkers’ kicks us off with a great, punkish speed metal vibe with a dirty production and dirtier riffs. ‘Good Evening (This is Over the Top)’ is a short, sharp kick to the ribs, while the more mid paced thrasher ‘Hellride’ is just that dash chuggier and less frantic. The speedy, insanely catchy ‘Heavy Metal’ is great, and ‘Satanic Rock’ is still one of my favourite songs of the past few years. ‘Dr Steel’ is a white hot riffing beast of vintage thrash, while the high energy punk of ‘Truckstop Demon’ is raw and rocking.

Motor do speed metal the old fashioned way. Imagine crossing ‘Kill Em All’ with any Motorhead record then throwing in a dash of classic Venom in there, and you’re getting the idea. The vocals don’t have a lot of variety, and admittedly a lot of the songs sound similar, but when a band play with this much energy and conviction, it’s incredibly hard not to just grab a beer and bang your fucking head. ‘Motor’ is a great no frills metal album full of infectious songs and pure fucking aggression!


Sed Auiis cover art

‘Sed Auiis’ is the newest split release from Sixsixsix Music, featuring one band I know very well (Chiral) and two I am less familiar with. I trust, knowing Steve at Sixsixsix, that the black metal will be of a high quality, so I’m looking forward to what this sounds like.

Nebel Uber Den Urnenfelder (Fog Over the Urnfield according to Google translate, please let me know if I’m wrong) open up this six track effort with the first of their two contributions, ‘Asche uber dem Leidensweg’. This is a menacingly raw slice of black metal, with a very depressive feel to it. It is all chainsaw riffs and naked fury, balanced by delicate acoustics which enhance that sense of mourning. ‘Ein Riss im ewigen Kreis’ exudes that similar atmosphere, foreboding but bare for us all to see. The bar is set high for Eternal Spell and Chiral to aim for.

Eternal Spell are Chilean and are a solo project spitting out raucous blackened thrash punk fury, ‘Black Mysticism’ being prime raw Venom worship. ‘Forces of Occult’ is the better track I think, with some cool Celtic Frost style grunts and a relentless assault. It’s dripping with classic proto-black metal moments, and the vibe it gives off is totally addictive!

Now to my good friend Chiral. I’ve yet to be disappointed with anything Teo has produced with Chiral, and his two contributions are more of the same high quality black metal. ‘Queste Voci Ch’Eclissano la Luce Part I’ is a pulsing slice of Emperor-esque savage beauty, from the slow melodies of the intro to the howling rage of the main riffs. The acoustic interlude leaves a final minute of ‘Nightside’ style frost, scything through your veins. ‘…Part 2’ has dashes of Dissection’s melodic flair, and has some wonderfully evocative guitar leads at the beginning and in fact throughout. A swaying tribute to the coldest of black metal’s kings, Chiral has once more proven that black metal burns bright.

In conclusion, I’d say this split is definitely worth getting a copy of. You’ve got atmospheric depressiveness, vintage blackened speed metal and soaring icy black metal greatness, all in the space of 6 tracks. What more could you want!?


Aberdonian one man black/speed metaller Hellripper is my new favourite band. Not in a long time have I heard a demo recording that I’ve kept coming back to as much as this. Channelling vintage Sodom, what’s not to like? I chatted with James McBain, the Hellripper himself, to find out what goes into the process behind this year’s sleeper hit.
Tell us a little bit about the formation of Hellripper, what was the genesis of it?
I started Hellripper simply because I couldn’t find other musicians in my area that were interested in playing this kind of music. I had the idea to do this back in 2012 or so and wrote some songs back then but I never got around to actually releasing anything until just recently.

What’s your history in metal, what got you into it in the first place?

I think the first “proper” metal band I heard and loved was Iron Maiden which must have been when I was about 10 or something. It was when I saw the video for ‘Run to the Hills’ on TV which prompted me to buy ‘The Number of the Beast’ and ‘Powerslave’. Soon after this, I discovered thrash metal and recall buying ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’ and ‘…And Justice For All’, both of which are still big influences on me.

Hellripper is clearly influenced by the 80s speed/black metal crossovers like Sodom and early Bathory, but which other bands are important to Hellripper’s sound?

 Sodom and Bathory are definite influences on the sound I am going for. Sabbat from Japan are also a very big influence on the sound. Similar old-school bands such as the obvious Venom and Motorhead play a big part on how the music sounds. The influences are not limited to the old-school though as bands such as Midnight and Enforcer are favourites of mine. Hardcore punk, crust and thrash metal are also a big part of Hellripper’s sound.

I reviewed the Manifestation of Evil, your debut EP, a while back here at The Killchain, how has it been received in the general scene? Personally I thought it was fucking killer.

Thanks for the positive words on the EP, I am glad you enjoy it! From what I have seen so far, the response has been very positive which I am of course very pleased about!
Where do you get your lyrical inspiration from?
The whole speed/thrash metal thing lends itself well to horror imagery so I tend to write things in that vein. The lyrics usually come from stuff I have read or have seen on TV etc. I usually write the music first, then think of a fitting title to the music and then write lyrics based on the title.
How is your local scene, are there a lot of bands around there for gigs?
The local scene in Aberdeen at the moment is very good and still it is constantly improving. There are a variety of genres represented by the scene here from punk to doom to powerviolence and there are some excellent bands of all styles. The great thing about the metal and punk scene in Aberdeen is that gigs often do not just stick to having one style of music represented. For example, you could have a punk band, a death metal band and a sludge band playing at the same gig which for a fan of all of the genres like I am is brilliant.

What’s the next step for Hellripper? I hear you have a split coming up, any information you can give us on that?

At the moment I have 2 splits planned, however I don’t want to say anything about these until they are confirmed. For these planned splits, 4 new songs have been written as well as a cover song which if these splits do not go ahead will be released anyway in some other form. I currently have a few more songs written that will be released at some point whether they be as part of an EP or as part of a split etc. I am also currently in the middle of the writing process for the first album.
You covered Rats of Reality’s song ‘Armed with the End’ recently, is the hardcore/crust punk scene something that influences your style?
I am also a part of Rats of Reality so the Hellripper version ‘Armed With the End’ is just a slight reworking of the song that was released on the first Rats of Reality EP. I have always felt that song would fit Hellripper’s style and thought it would be a fun idea to “cover” it in a slightly thrashier/blackened vein. To answer your question, yes hardcore and crust are a big part of my style and that probably shows more in Rats of Reality, however bands such as Discharge, (newer) Darkthrone, Amebix and Anti Cimex are huge influences on the style of Hellripper and I guess that’s where some of the simplicity comes from.

Is there a chance we’ll be getting to see Hellripper on the stage sometime soon or is it to be a studio project?

I am hoping to take Hellripper to the stage in the future. I have been talking with a few friends who may be interested in being part of it, however for the moment it is still a studio project.

Finally, if you have anything else to add in here, feel free! Thanks for talking to us

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the EP! Like the Facebook page for updates and check out ‘The Manifestation of Evil’ on bandcamp.

Hellripper is a one man black/speed metal band from Aberdeen, Scotland, and ‘The Manifestation of Evil’ is their new EP. Clocking in at a blistering nine and a half minutes, you know when a band cites Bathory, Venom and Sodom as influences, that this is going to be fast, it’s going to be ugly and it’s going to be razor sharp.

‘Flesh Ripper’ starts off with an immediate acceleration into a raging Discharge-esque riff while a savage vocal line begs you to ‘beware the flesh ripper!’. It’s no frills, balls out ripping proto black metal, complete with some cool guitar work like the opening to ‘Total Mayhem’ or ‘Flesh Ripper’s killer solo. ‘Total Mayhem’ is pure speed metal, with only the vocals giving it more of an extreme edge. ‘Black Mass Sacrifice’ bleeds ‘Obsessed by Cruelty’-era Sodom riffs, and this sits high with some of South America’s finest in the realms of black speed metal. It’s a relentless assault, barely taking a moment between tracks to allow you time to catch your breath before it’s off again.

‘Trial by Fire’ closes the EP with another rampant slice of early Quorthon worship, shot through with a more melodic notion here and there. There’s nothing commercial here at all, but it’s insanely catchy. Can’t wait to hear some more. THRASH TIL DEATH!!

Buy here:

This is turning out to be a good time to be searching out new music. I’ve come across some very excellent new bands, and some others that aren’t so new but I have never been aware of them. We’re turning the spotlight onto the UK for this edition, having looked to corners far and wide of the world in recent posts.

First is Evil Blood, a Croatian speed metal band who relocated to London, and since then Scotland and have played under a number of different names (Lord of Darkness and Djinn). They’ve been round a staggering 32 years, and are still gigging around the UK. They are a thrashier Venom, a rawer Motorhead, and have some killer tunes such as ‘Kill With Napalm’ and ‘Malevolent Warrior’. Scour their Facebook profile page for live videos, and check out their full set from Brofest in Newcastle particularly.

Next are Newcastle’s Live Burial. Currently working on a new release, their 2013 demo is available for free from their Bandcamp site. It is three tracks of killer, sludgy old school death metal that reminds me of Autopsy or Coffins. Downloading this is considerably worth your time, and hopefully if they have any physical releases available I will get my hands on one.

Staying in Newcastle area is Plague Rider, whose self titled album from last October is a totally brilliant of fast paced technical death metal that brings to mind latter period Death or a rawer Atheist. The music is memorable, the riffs are great, the musicianship is impressive without being overindulgent and importantly the songs feel like seperate entities. I’m glad I caught up with this eventually, as the neck wrecking intro to their eponymous song is fucking brilliant.

Penultimately is Southampton’s Desolator, who are the kind of lurid, hyper thrash outfit that fans of Muncipal Waste or Gama Bomb will enjoy. Their debut full length ‘TOTAL ATTACK’ is a ripping, high energy thrash record with a thousand riffs and a snotty, punk attitude. Not the most intellectual of releases, but when you riff this hard, who needs it? Their message is simple: ‘Thrash or Fuck Off’.

Finally, I’m picking some quality Scottish metal, thrashers Blackened Ritual. They play a thicker, heavier style of thrash than Desolator, channeling more the spirit of latter Destruction or Warbringer. They also don’t go at it hammer and tongs all the way through, showing some cool heavier and slower dynamics. It’s ace. Download their demo here and bang your fucking head.