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Decomposing Entity - So It Begins

Croatian death metallers Decomposing Entity have been going for seven years now, but ‘So It Begins’ is their debut full length, following a self titled EP and a couple of demos.

Leading in with a soft intro title track that has some eerie Eastern melodies lurking within an air of menace, first track proper ‘Undo the Error’ is a chunky slab of death metal ala Suffocation. Thick dense riffs couple with a blasting drumming performance and a savage roar to indicate that Decomposing Entity mean business. The production is suitably thick as well, making each riff seems heavier and chunkier. ‘Succubus’ is insanely catchy, crushing you with layers of titanic riffage.

The main influences here seem to focus on NYDM like Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation. It’s not as suffocatingly (see what I did there?) technical as Suffocation can be, nor as waspish or violent as Cannibal Corpse, but with some devastating breakdowns, like the grinding power of ‘Disgust Theory’ before its venture into acoustics for a moment. Tht acoustic flourish returns at the start of ‘Ripped to Regenerate’, which has a perfect grasp of what makes good death metal these days. I especially like the apocalyptic chug that closes it, and the blood and thunder of ‘Social Disease’.

Decomposing Entity do what every good death metal band do these days; write solid songs that fit a formula but still sound great. That’s what good music is these days, welcomingly familiar. Sometimes you just need a record like ‘So It Begins’. 31 minutes of heavy riffs, guttural vocals and blasting drums is always good for what ails you. Like a lot of death metal records these days, Decomposing Entity don’t reinvent the wheel. They do however bludgeon it to pieces with enough passion and style to make ‘So It Begins’ an enjoyable experience.