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The re-release of atmospheric death metallers Jade’s debut demo through Pulverised Records is a reason to be joyful. Why? Because the wider world gets to hear the burgeoning talent lurking within last year’s digital and cassette only release. ‘Smoking Mirror’ is out in October, and promises to be something special.

Immediately, ‘Jade Emperor’ feels different from the rest of 2019’s death metal. Is it the soaring, almost black metal esque space behind it? The crush of modern death/doom powers along but there’s something very different about the atmospherics here. It is grandiose without resorting to orchestration; spacious without losing the intensity. ‘Dead Stone Mask’ has some almost post metal moments, with the lonely voice crying out in the background, while the ethereal tones lurking in the title track really create something fresh and new. A superbly unique take on death metal.

An excellent and absorbing debut release, and probably my favourite EP of the year. I could listen to this constantly, picking out each subtlety on repeated listens. Jade are a band that are going to become essential within a few more releases, and I’m glad I got in on the ground floor.