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German brutal death destroyers Acranius have returned with their third full length record, ‘Reign of Terror’, out at the end of January on Rising Nemesis Records. Having spent almost ten years honing their craft, Acranius are a savage, slamming death machine and their new record sets out to prove them to be unconquerable.

Opener ‘Born a King’crushes with heavy impact, chugging riffs laden with weight. Brutal slam can become rather tedious, rather quickly, but Acranius keep things interesting; mixing up tempos and ferocity to keep you hooked. ‘Kingmaker’ sounds like massive rocks crashing upon the earth, and Acranius are sure to keep things moving. There’s no monotonous slamming here, with savage death metal proper on ‘Return to Violence’ and deathcore beatdowns on ‘Warpath’. ‘Reign of Terror’ is a slam death record that never compromises on the brutality or the impact, yet doesn’t use that merely as a crutch.

Acranius are about aural disembowelment, and the juddering bludgeoning of ‘Outlaw’ will almost certainly finish you off for good. The vocals are dense growls, rather than the overused pig squeals which is a big plus for me. Too often, huge deathcore riffs that could be excellent are ruined by the ‘breeeeee’ so it is a relief to be in the presence of old school death metal vocals! If these German lords of death leave anything of you alive, be sure to get this record and allow yourself to be submerged in a boiling magma of riffs. You will not regret it.

Rolf Harrisment / Primeministerial Enslamination cover art

I was drawn to this record purely because of the particularly genius album title. I mean, how can you NOT listen to this record, at least once? Fortunately Necrogrinder have captured a collection of insanely heavy slamming death metal songs to live up to that excellent title. These Sheffield, UK destroyers bring us some heavy slamming chaos!

‘Reconstituted Meat Incest’ slams like the bastard son of Dying Fetus and some spastic goregrind unit that eludes me at this present time. There’s plenty of savage riffs and massive breakdowns to wrap your brain around, and each track can inspire intense headbanging. As you can tell with some of the song titles too, there is a great sense of fun about this band, and samples from ‘Archer’ and ‘Futurama’ also helps matters. I particularly enjoyed the slamming brutality of ‘Fistorectomy’ and the bowel scraping crush of ‘Goryhole’.

If you don’t dig this kinda of death/grind/slam hybrid, then Necrogrinder are not for you. I like it in small doses, and this half hour record hits the sweet spot dead on. Planet cracking breakdowns, guttural roars, squeals and grunts lead ‘Rolf Harrisment’ firmly ahead in the quality brutal death stakes. Heavy as a motherfucker, get yourself some!








Now, I need to get it out there that I’m not normally a big slam death metal fan. I think the genre has its merits but there is only so much I can deal with. So, it is with that in mind that I take on Analepsy’s new record, ‘Dehumanization by Supremacy’. Seriously though, what the fuck does Analepsy mean? Is it like epilepsy but for your arse? Anyhoo….

The Portuguese death dealers bring it hard and heavy from the outset, with dense breakdowns and machine gun like double bass. Vocals like the very belch of Satan vomit indecipherable malignancies over a thunderous chugging riff monster. Like I said, I’m not the biggest fan of this kinda death metal, but over the short, 22 minute run time, ‘Dehumanization by Supremacy’ is just about the perfect amount. Be it the bowel rattling crush of ‘Genetic Mutations’, with its horrendously heavy breakdowns, or the unstoppable juggernaut of ‘Worm Putrefaction’, Analepsy deliver a definitive statement of how to succeed with slam.

‘Dehumanization by Supremacy’ is the sound of one band saying enough is enough. Analepsy are unforgivably heavy, and they push your ability to survive to the limit, with sickeningly heavy groove and brutality unmatched. Faced with the riffs of the likes of ‘Lethal Injection’, humanity will have no choice but to be exterminated.


My first blast of 2015 death metal (still catching up with some of 2014’s releases at this point!) is the hammer and bludgeon of LA death dealers Bloodscribe. Described as a mixture of death metal, slam and grind brings to mind bands like Devourment, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all.

Launching us into the tornado of slamming death metal with the short, sharp title track, then ‘Pantheon of Lies’ steamrollers an enormous chugging slam death riff into your head. The vocals, thankfully, are more understandable here than on some slam death metal records, taking the early Suffocation style route rather than the tiresome pig squeals that many bands use these days. This is good hearty death metal, armed with a surgical riff here and there and a thick, meaty production that aids the heaviness. It brings to mind the old school New York slam bands, and you can feel the early Suffocation influence running through each track.

‘Enslaved by Deceptions’ has that brutal, low end guttural growl that bands like Devourment employ, and uses it to great effect. Bloodscribe sound like the belch of Hades himself, expelling gore and savaged carcasses into the air. They will certainly never go down as the most inventive of bands, but Bloodscribe do what they do well; the songs don’t overstay their welcome, and have enough variety to tell them apart.

This isn’t your average slam death record that bores you to tears with repetitive heavy riffs and porcine squealing. This is dense, chugging death metal that doesn’t fuck around, it just aims directly for your jugular with a sledgehammer. Stand out tracks for me are the swirling massacre of ‘Burning Bridges’ and the bulldozing ‘Annihilation’. Definitely worth a listen, and that album artwork by Indonesian artist Mondo Borneo is badass as fuck