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Silent Line - Shattered Shores

Silent Line bring their new album, ‘Shattered Shores’, to the public this week (30th October release date), and it marks a shift towards a concept album, based on the idea of a man trapped on an island that is constantly battered by the ocean. Musically this is for fans of Soilwork, Wintersun and Amon Amarth. But does it breathe new life into the sometimes overdone prog metal genre?

‘Frost of the Night’ opens with a bit of grandeur, with strings and drums building to a crescendo where an obviously Wintersun influenced maelstorm comes in. While lacking that band’s intricate song structures, Silent Line do have some great songs on this record, and while the conceptual end is take it or leave it depending on how you feel about concept albums, their music is top notch. There are some soaring vocal parts, particularly in the anthemic ‘Erosion’, which rips hard. There’s also dashes of Scar Symmetry in here, like in the potent ‘Shattered Shores I’

The musicianship is top notch, the songs are anthemic and melodic, but still with a strong sense of the heavy, and Silent Line know where and when to employ keyboards to enhance their music. They aren’t overdone, but are still featured prominently in some places. The raging gallop of ‘Black and White’ is pure Soilwork, but it is later in the record where the really impressive songs appear. The epic ‘Shattered Shores II’, the fury of ‘Into the Chasm’ and the closing, powerful melodies of ‘Embrace the End’ all showcases Silent Line to be a band of supreme talent and potential.