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Serocs - And When the Sky Was Opened

Mexican tech death squadron Serocs will unleash their newest maelstrom of devastation, ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’, through Comatose Records at the end of November, and what a staggeringly sublime piece of aural violence it is.

The swirling vortex of death metal that is opener ‘And So It Begins’ is a stunning way to kick off a record. It sets you up for one of the most neck snapping thirty six minutes of 2015. It is followed by ‘Solitude’, which has one of the finer death metal solos you’ll hear this year. The metal is fierce, rabid but also wonderfully produced. Each raging note and savage growl is crystal clear, allowing the intensity to shine through. Serocs have set themselves up to blow away any tech death album you’ll hear this year.

‘When the Ground Swallows Us…’ is something extra special though. An epic death metal odyssey that twists and turns between almost prog like territories and steamrolling Bolt Thrower worship, it is a vast stamp of individuality that looms over the rest of the band’s crushing assault. The title track has a similarly epic scale, with a bulldozer crush matched with dissonant rumblings. Each song brings the band’s songwriting credentials under scrutiny, and they pass every time. It’s difficult to create this kind of awe-inspiring tech death without running the risk of disappearing under guitar wankery.

Whether being left breathless and broken by ragers like ‘Itami’, or pummelled inexorably towards oblivion by the crushing death of ‘Them’, ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ is highly recommened to rip your face off and shred the remains. A stunning cyclonic assault of wrath, riffs and brutality. My new favourite band do it harder than you.