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French underground death metallers Ritualization have deigned us worthy to receive their debut record in early February next year, courtesy of the good folks over at Iron Bonehead. They’ve been honing their skills for a decade now, so let us open the crypt and see what crawls out!

After the threatening ‘Conjuring of the Howling Depths’, the crunching brutality of ‘Last Rites to the Damned’ strikes with lethal force, drawing influence from the flailing chaos of Angelcorpse, or the fiery rumble of Immolation. ‘Sacraments…’ is a relentless, savage beating, with an almost blackened tone to parts of it. Blasphemous riffs cut ‘The Graveyard Coven’ to pieces like a rusty machete, with a ferocity and single minded intent that I particularly enjoy. If you like what Belphegor have done with death metal, you’re gonna really dig this record.

The menacing assault of ‘The Herald of Betrayal’ is my own highlight, with a kind of Asphyx groove meeting a rampant Deicide battering. Ritualization’s death metal is utterly unstoppable, and they aren’t afraid to throw in some tech death fretwork wizardry. The frenetic pace and constant barrage of riffing is, at times, overwhelming, and you’ll need to get a mop after listening to ‘Morbid Magick Stigmata’, becuase your brain will melt out your ears.

This is, simply put, an excellent record. Ritualization barely let up for the full forty plus minutes, and when they do it is merely to let you catch your breath before this death metal juggernaut kicks in again. Brutally heavy and punishingly fast, ‘Sacraments for the Sons of the Abyss’ is a mighty statement of intent.