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Oncology - Omniversal Antigenesis

Review by Sandre the Giant

The second album from British death metal trio Oncology is called ‘Omniversal Antigenesis’ and is out now through Rising Nemesis Records and Sevared Records. Do you want something bruuuuutal in your life? This could be the record for you.

After the long, sinister sample intro to ‘Expulsion into the Human Psyche’, it descends into hellish brutal slam, with serious Dying Fetus influences. The vocals are ungodly, the drumming is punishing and the guitar work is frantic and complex, while maintaining a crushing density. The key with brutal death metal is not to outstay your welcome. Oncology keep ‘Omniversal Antigenesis’ is a nice tight half hour, and it means that songs like ‘Virions on the Exosphere’ and the slamming ‘Transdimensional Blood Orgies in Overture’ never reach the stage when you are starting to grow bored. Allow the righteous chug of the devastating ‘Celestial Ruination’ to pound you into the ground slowly and repeatedly, and wail in agony at the tumultuous abuse of ‘Ravagers of Synaptic Cruelty’.

A punishing battery of an album, ‘Omniversal Antigenesis’ will not permit a lot of variety to seep in, but as a statement of the purest brutality you cannot fault it. There are times when the question is raised about bands content with not reinventing the wheel, just with perfecting it. Oncology may be guilty of that here but it doesn;t mean that it isn’t fucking great.

Hot on the heels of their 2017 release, ‘You Owe, You Pay’, the latest EP from Swiss slam crew Carnal Decay is another three tracks of brutal death metal designed to crush bones and smash brains. ‘When Push Comes to Shove’ is going to be released by Rising Nemesis Records on 7″ vinyl and digitally on the 20th July, as well as through a number of other records throughout the world, including the great UKEM Records.

The riff that opens the title track is absolutely fearsome, mammoth brutal death breakdowns bringing the world down one roar at a time. The earth shaking low end keeps the slam going, and the welcome lack of fucking pig squeals is an even bigger positive. Each track has its own identity, with ‘Food for Thought’ having a waspish, Hate Eternal quality to it, and ‘We All Bleed Red’ crushing with a more European death flavour, like Hour of Penance. Variation is the key for this kind of metal, and here we’ve got fast, slow, mega slam and shredding speed. It adds up to an EP of startling difference.

For me, brutal death is always best consumed in shorter formats and ‘When Push Comes to Shove’ never outstays its welcome. If anything, it only wets the whistle for more. I’ve spun this a number of times now, and each listen only reinforces the quality on show. Definitely worth seeking out.

German brutal death destroyers Acranius have returned with their third full length record, ‘Reign of Terror’, out at the end of January on Rising Nemesis Records. Having spent almost ten years honing their craft, Acranius are a savage, slamming death machine and their new record sets out to prove them to be unconquerable.

Opener ‘Born a King’crushes with heavy impact, chugging riffs laden with weight. Brutal slam can become rather tedious, rather quickly, but Acranius keep things interesting; mixing up tempos and ferocity to keep you hooked. ‘Kingmaker’ sounds like massive rocks crashing upon the earth, and Acranius are sure to keep things moving. There’s no monotonous slamming here, with savage death metal proper on ‘Return to Violence’ and deathcore beatdowns on ‘Warpath’. ‘Reign of Terror’ is a slam death record that never compromises on the brutality or the impact, yet doesn’t use that merely as a crutch.

Acranius are about aural disembowelment, and the juddering bludgeoning of ‘Outlaw’ will almost certainly finish you off for good. The vocals are dense growls, rather than the overused pig squeals which is a big plus for me. Too often, huge deathcore riffs that could be excellent are ruined by the ‘breeeeee’ so it is a relief to be in the presence of old school death metal vocals! If these German lords of death leave anything of you alive, be sure to get this record and allow yourself to be submerged in a boiling magma of riffs. You will not regret it.

Into Darkness - Sinister Demise

German death metallers Into Darkness have been going for 20 years now, and even though I’ve never heard of them, they have been flying the traditional death metal flag for two decades now. But ‘Sinister Demise’ is only their third full length, and their first in thirteen years, so its been a long time coming.

First off, their cover art is a stunning painting by Joe Petagno, who has also done stuff for Vader and Autopsy. After the obligatory intro, you’re hit full on by ‘Left Behind’, a rabid death metal frenzy that brings to mind the likes of Monstrosity or the savage roar of early Immolation. The riffs run the gauntlet of thrashing speed to an uneasy, swaying crawl. ‘Manifesto’ chugs with an off kilter groove, while ‘Throne of a Thousand Miseries’ is a total beast. There’s definitely hints of some Immolation or Gorguts in the atonal melodies that seep through the evil darkness.

The title track is a relentless beating of a song, and like so many of the others, is possessed by excellent song writing. There’s no overdoing each element of Into Darkness’ sound; the drums nor the vocals dominate over the riffs, but neither are lost. ‘Suspended Insanity’ is skull rattlingly heavy, and is a great example of how the band’s vocals are brutal yet still decipherable. Closing with the one two combo of devastation, ‘Spiritual Remains’ and ‘Suffering a Reality’, Into Darkness have crafted a death metal album to be proud of. It riffs like a motherfucker, and sends weaker bands running for come. Into darkness we go!

German death metal legends Profanity have been going for 22 years, and late last year they released their ‘Hatred Hell Within’ EP, their first proper release since 2000’s ‘Slaughtering Thoughts’. Three tracks of vintage death metal awaits you…

Opener ‘Melting’ explodes into a roaring, early 90s Floridian death metal chug that crushes all in its wake. A rabid vocal delivery and a impressive drumming performance are highlights. The squealing leads in ‘I Am Your Soul’ are very Gorguts, and while the songs are at their base, standard death metal, there are all kinds of strange progressive parts that add some classy uniqueness to proceedings. Profanity feel like the spiritual successors to Atheist, with bass forward in the mix, and odd time signatures. The guitar work is particularly stellar, and even with two long songs, it doesn’t feel too much.

Imagine if early Cannibal Corpse did a record with Gorguts and you’re approaching Profanity’s sound. Brutal yet diverse and always intersting, ‘Hatred Hell Within’ is the kind of death metal that will hopefully get more important in the years to come. Raw power meets a progressive streak with great results, and I look forward to the next full length!

Extinctionist are from that family of death metal types that bludgeon you mercilessly with some of the most planet shatteringly heavy riffs they can find. Rising Nemesis Records have released the 2nd album, ‘Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions’, by these German destroyers, and it’s fucking brutal.

Opening track proper ‘Unexpected Return’ is a prime example of this, bringing to mind the crush of Suffocation’s ‘Blood Oath’. The NY legends are one of the more obvious influences on these guys, but there’s something Immolation-esque about some of the slower moments. The title track is one of the heaviest moments of my death metal year thus far, and that is a theme that runs throughout the following tracks. The uneasy chug of ‘Devoured by the Atmosphere’ is nasty, and accompanied by some more pig squeal vocals, makes it feel even more brutal.

The vocals are low and guttural, but only ventures into pig squealing type on rare occasions, which is a relief to me. I can’t get away with them, but Extinctionist’s brand of uber brutal death is catchy and uses them sparingly enough to make it actually effective, other than on the stabbing ‘New Breed’. ‘Painful Excesses of Doom’ also reminds me of the great Devourment, whose ‘Molesting the Decapitated’ is probably the best brutal death record out there. To emulate the greats without ripping them off entirely is not easy in brutal death metal, but Extinctionist do well. There’s also dashes of deathcore luminaries Annotations of an Autopsy in there too, especially in the stunning ‘Morpholus’ Heritage’.

‘Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions’ is a great record, capturing half an hour of extremity, crushing riffs and brutal vocals without coming even close to being samey and boring. That is praise enough, without mentioning the quality of the writing and the variety of riffing. Slow, grinding breakdowns or razor sharp speed riffing, Extinctionist do it all, and do it all well. Definitely find yourself a copy of this!