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The Art of Debilitation cover art

Rats of Reality are cohorts of the instantly lovable Hellripper, and are an Aberdeen based crust punk band specialising in angular, raw energetic crust punk/thrash crossover/grindcore noise. Their new EP, ‘The Art of Debilitation’, was released in May, and is a short sharp shock of aural violence.

‘Shallow Bastards’ is a raw, rusty razorblade to the senses. Roaring forward with nasty riffage and a throat shredding vocal, it’s brilliantly unhinged. The more melodic but nonetheless rampantly destructive ‘Faceless Ones’ continues the relentless beating you are receiving. There’s even an ace solo that shreds like a motherfucker, and the whole venture is very latter period Darkthrone in it’s snotty necro punk attitude.

Following the savage ‘Liferuiner’ is the more, for want of a better word, introspective title track. A ghostly acoustic intro leads into a choppy, atmospheric black metal style riff pattern. A wave of necro riffs then engulf you, with rapid fire drumming and more nasty vocals. An evocative, melodic interlude that rises up from the filth is the highlight, where the rasping roar seeks to leave behind the darkness. Shimering guitar leads assist it along the way, and it is a remarkable change of pace for a band who seemed pretty ok with just shredding your face off in the previous three tracks.

‘The Art of Debilitation’ is a superb EP that warrants attention. Combining the raw energy of necro punk and some black metal goodness, Rats of Reality come out as a band who are not afraid to try and inject a bit of life into crust punk’s currently raped corpse.