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2014 - Quinquaginta cover art

Mexico’s Evilheart is getting their 2014 debut record ‘Quinquaginta’ reissued through Test Your Metal Records this year, and the press release says for fans of Krisiun, Morbid Angel and Vader etc. Something tells me I might like this a lot…

How nice to hear an opening track that goes instantly for the throat, without acoustic intros, samples or even a fade in. ‘Perfection Collapsed’ is a raging first track, and showcases the band’s formidable arsenal of riffs and atmosphere. The raging flow of ‘Selective Extermination’ is music to the ears of those who want something faster and more brutal. The rest of the album interweaves blasting, raw brutality and a blackened technicality, like Dissection fighting with Decapitated. Songs like ‘Supremacy and Holocaust’ are a perfect example of how Evilheart work. They hit hard and often.

From the uber melodic leads in ‘Postmortal Corruption’ to the industrial tinges to ‘Genetics of Betrayal’, and onto epic finale ‘Quinquaginta’ itself, Evilheart’s record is both stunningly technical and yet still possessed of a murky, thick atmosphere coating it. The musicianship and song writing is top notch, and while each song rages like a barely contained beast, ‘Quinquaginta’ has plenty of variety, and some fantastic guitar work. In a world where death metal bands really need to step up and be something special to stand out, Evilheart have got a chance. ‘Quinquaginta’ has enough character to match with the best this year.