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The joyous Bay Area thrash of Psython has been an underappreciated part of my music collection for the past few years. Their last piece of work, ‘Outputs’ was an infectious, Death Angel worshipping joy, and their new release ‘Hatred’ looks to continue that path. It’s going to be out in September, self released, so keep an eye out!

Immediately the riff machine is engaged into high gear with the thrashy ‘J√∂rmungandr’, and from there the thrash never stops. The catchy as hell ‘Teeth’ has got some cool melodies built in, while the soloing work on each track is classic heavy metal. Inspiration clearly runs from bands outside the Big Four like Exodus, Sacred Reich or Death Angel, as the savage ‘Ten Pounds’ demonstrates a rawer attitude than the Big Four influences that sneaks into other tracks, but still manages to get a dose of the epic. Basically almost every Californian thrash band seems to bleed into ‘Hatred’ somewhere, and the overall result is a thrash gem!

I really like what Psython do. Their thrash is at once both derivative and energisingly fresh. It puts a boot straight up the arse of classic thrash, and while doing so comes across as unique enough that you’ll never get bored. Let a little ‘Hatred’ into your life…


I reviewed Psython’s demo recently on here, and found their Bay Area thrash worship to be much approved in the Killchain camp. Their debut full length is here, and ‘…Outputs’ has those three demo tracks plus another eight originals.

After a short intro (‘INTROfruit’), ‘Careless Whispers’ is a nice piece of thrash chuggery, with a few deft time changes and some fancy fretwork. That verse riff hits the Killchain hard, and we are all about that here. Good thrash is built on high quality riffing, and ‘Careless Whispers’ has that, along with some seriously infectious hooks. The brutality of its closing section makes a high watermark for the band to follow. But follow it they can, with the hyperactive thrash of ‘Dave 1.1’ and the spiralling intro leads of ‘Blunt’. ‘Blunt’ still stands tall as one of the best Psython songs, catchy yet with some nice fretwork.

That’s not to say the new material isn’t strong. The vintage feel of songs like ‘GBQ’ and the measured Metallica-isms of ‘DNA’ give a little insight into where Psython are coming from. There’s a whole spectrum of thrash that Psython pay tribute to, but as a hybrid of all these bands, Psython stand out. This isn’t just cookie cutter stuff, it’s actually really good. Their demo gave us a taste, and ‘…Outputs’ fulfils that promise. ‘Serpentes’ is a swaggering instrumental, while the soaring leads of ‘Opposition’ is almost worth admission alone.

Psython are soon to be a highlight of British thrash. You heard it here first. ‘…Outputs’ is a great modern thrash record, paying homage to the greats but injecting a fresh energy into the riffs. Oh Thor, how many riffs?! ‘Meltdown’ alone will tax that riff calculator to the max. THRASH OR FUCKING DIE!

Album Sampler cover art

British thrashers Psython are working on their debut full length record, and have stuck up a couple of tracks on their Bandcamp page as a demo. Now, the demo is slowly becoming a lost art, with bands preferring to make a debut ‘EP’, which is mostly just a demo anyway. So it’s nice to see a band sticking to the old school terminology!

First off: Psython is either a psychic python or a psychotic python. Based on the band’s hyperactive thrashing, I’m gonna go with the latter. Opening track ‘Meltdown’ is rabid, mixing some good aggression with some nice melodic riffing. There’s hints of Bay Area classics, and ‘Dave 1.1’ particularly conjures the spirit of vintage Exodus. For a demo, it is remarkably self-assured and yet full of youthful exuberance. The best thrash is not just fast though, it conjures up something reasonably fresh within the framework of the genre. Psython have got the chops to do that, and with some of the more interesting riff patterns on this demo, show that they are definitely worth watching in the future.

Closing with the chugging thunder of ‘Blunt’, and with the bonus of a live track called ‘DNA’ that also shows a bit of midpaced riff power, I’m looking forward to Psython’s full length. The demo whets the appetite just enough, and I’m anticipating their album to be more of the same. Excellent work