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German death metal legends Profanity have been going for 22 years, and late last year they released their ‘Hatred Hell Within’ EP, their first proper release since 2000’s ‘Slaughtering Thoughts’. Three tracks of vintage death metal awaits you…

Opener ‘Melting’ explodes into a roaring, early 90s Floridian death metal chug that crushes all in its wake. A rabid vocal delivery and a impressive drumming performance are highlights. The squealing leads in ‘I Am Your Soul’ are very Gorguts, and while the songs are at their base, standard death metal, there are all kinds of strange progressive parts that add some classy uniqueness to proceedings. Profanity feel like the spiritual successors to Atheist, with bass forward in the mix, and odd time signatures. The guitar work is particularly stellar, and even with two long songs, it doesn’t feel too much.

Imagine if early Cannibal Corpse did a record with Gorguts and you’re approaching Profanity’s sound. Brutal yet diverse and always intersting, ‘Hatred Hell Within’ is the kind of death metal that will hopefully get more important in the years to come. Raw power meets a progressive streak with great results, and I look forward to the next full length!