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Primal Attack - Heartless Oppressor

Portuguese groove/thrashers Primal Attack are a pretty hefty proposition. Their second full length ‘Heartless Oppressor’ throws a vast number of chunky thrash riffs at you, leaving you a bit battered and bruised. It is out now on Rastilho Records, and looks to be a mosh pit wet dream for 2017.

This is a potent follow up to 2013’s ‘Humans’, with a sound that draws from the finest points of Unearth and Machine Head, while slamming in great swathes of off kilter breakdowns, almost like a more straightforward Meshuggah. Opener ‘Red Silence’ is a great example of that, with the waspish ‘Halfborn’ following.  Taking cues from the likes of The Haunted and Dew-Scented, and the aforementioned Unearth seem to be a big influence, tracks like ‘Strike Back’ hit with considerable force, but the soloing and fluid melodies take this above the more meatheaded approach that you tend to find in this subgenre. Take ‘Truth and Consequence’ for example, that kicks off with an almost Melechesh-esque approach; all shimmering esoteric black metally riffing before descending back to the more straightforward.

If fat, modern thrash riffs is your bag, then Primal Attack is for you. The band wield some massive groove, and their songs are surprisingly memorable for a genre that can become stale very quickly when not done right. Primal Attack sidestep those issues by channelling their energies into something vibrant and engaging, with plenty of stylistic departures to keep things interesting. ‘Heartless Oppressor’ is here to crush with big riffing and big melodies, and succeed with that it certainly shall.