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Returning to these fair isles after jaunts to Estonia and India, a round up featuring some of my latest and most favourite discoveries in the world of the underground. It amazes me that there are so many bands out there in the UK playing all types of twisted extreme music that are totally unrecognised. Bringing these guys to the attention of the wider metal audience feels almost like an obligation!

First is Edinburgh’s Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta, with their four track demo ‘Death by the Venomhammer’, available here. It has been a while since I got only halfway through an opening song and I was already clicking the buy button. This is harsh, raw thrashing black metal at its best, but it possesses some killer riffs and some brilliant songs. The new Aura Noir? Who knows, but I wouldn’t bet against it. Buy here.

Next up is Osiah, a seriously heavy and crushing deathcore band whose ‘Perennial Agony‘ is actually one of the best deathcore songs I’ve heard in ages. I’m normally not a big deathcore fan, I find a lot of it samey and lacking inspiration somewhat. But I fucking love ‘Perennial Agony’. I don’t know why exactly, and maybe thats a good thing. Maybe that means it has that spark that many of their peers lack. Who knows? Anyway, get it downloaded.

Next is black metallers Slaughter Throne from Leeds, who have just released a new EP entitled ‘Wrath of an Ancient Darkness‘. This is four tracks of galloping, icy and majestic black metal. Heavy on atmosphere to begin, but not lacking in the sort of aggression you’d expect. The title track begins with a riff that reminds me of the magic of Melechesh, and I think that really sold me on these guys. An excellent band

Next are Repulsive Vision, who play a nasty style of death metal replete with chainsaw riffing and a relentless battery of drumming. They only have instrumental versions of four tracks available on their Facebook page, but their mix of sludgy Autopsy riffs with dashes of early period Cannibal Corpse aggression makes for good listenings! Listen here.

My final shout is Sheffield’s Nokturnal Ritual, whose ‘Ushering a New Era of Agony’ debut record is one of the harshest and most intense black metal records I’ve heard in years. The rasping, unholy croak of the vocals are seriously necro, and the waspish riffs and battering drums are a non stop assault on the senses. Download here and prepare to have your brain turned to mush.

There we have it, five more bands hiding in the UK’s vibrant underground metal scene. Five bands who deserve to be supported. Bang thy fucking heads.

This week, I have been mostly enjoying the newest breed of deathcore/slam-death metal that seems to be leaking all over the place. I have a bit of a soft spot for this style if I’m honest. Yeah yeah, none of it is particularly original, or even impressive but by Lucifer it is fucking heavy. Amd sometimes that is all you need. Moving on!

First off we have Those Who Fear and their new track, ‘Burn’. It’s a fair approximation of deathcore; full of chugging riffs and slamming breakdowns but lacking anything special to lift it above simply decent. Still worth a headbang at least once though. Watch it here:

Next we have Vale of Pnath. Although not technical deathcore/slam (they’re much more widdly tech death merchants), I thought I’d include them simply because they SLAY! It’s difficult to make technical death that’s catchy but these Rocky Mountain movers pull it off. Its a grower too, my first impression was less enthusiastic (I believe I wrote in my notebook that it was nothing to go out of the way for), but its definitely getting better with each listen. Watch fingers bleed here:

Final track this evening is Osiah and Perennial Agony. Now this is heavy. Seriously heavy. Like tectonic plates smashing into each other heavy. This is the reason I like some deathcore. Huge breakdowns reinforce what’s great about brutal music, and although there is nothing revolutionary about it, it ticks all the right boxes in the riff categories for me. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll admit to being converted. Crush your ears here: