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Ragehammer - The Hammer Doctrine

Polish fiends Ragehammer, who already have my vote due to that killer band name, are unleashing their debut full length ‘The Hammer Doctrine’, on Pagan Records, in April this year. As promised by the album art and the band name, this is harsh, raw first wave black metal brutality.

The ironically titled ‘First Wave Black Metal’ is exactly like that; a classic Venom-esque track with a thrashy Sodom riff pattern, and a raw energy. ‘Unleash the Dogs’ is more of the same. Ragehammer have got this punkish energy about them that makes their debut feel fresh and yet still rough and ready. There’s nothing overly esoteric or atmospheric, it’s just foot to the floor heavy metal, filtered through a nasty, rusted razorblade filter.

‘Warlord’s Fall’ has this great thrashing opening, and the whole song just slays. You know that feeling when you’re listening to a new band and you’re thinking, ‘I can’t quite say why, but I’m fucking loving this’? I get that vibe from Ragehammer. I think its the enthralling vitality of their songs. They are well written, memorable and inspire the most rapid of headbanging. Ragehammer have got that intangible that make this possibly the best record I’ve come across this year thus far. Swing the Ragehammer at your enemies!