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I’m fitting in a bit less here than my previous black metal list, simply because there hasn’t been as many great doom records (that I’ve heard this year at least) in 2014 as I’d hoped. I write a bit for Sleeping Shaman and my choices for reviews have been a bit uninspiring in the past few months. No fault of Lee who runs it, but it just seems that the whole doom/stoner scene is spinning its wheels in the sand and not going anywhere. However, there have been some seriously good records in the genre so I managed a list:

10: Grand Magus – Triumph and Power: These guys never fail to write a brilliant doom record, every time. They have riffs hewn from stone and anthems of steel and blood. Wonderful

9. Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun: A stunning comeback from the somewhat lackluster ‘The Hunter’, Mastodon have written yet another prog-doom-rock masterpiece. As anthemic and complex as anything they’ve written before

8. EyeHateGod – EyeHateGod: I shouldn’t have to explain this, so I won’t. Sludge gods do it again

7. Electric Wizard – Time to Die: Less immediate than ‘Black Masses’ but every bit as malevolent and grindingly heavy. Brilliant

6. Inter Arma – The Cavern: I called this the new Mastodon when I reviewed it earlier in the year and I stand by it. Twisting, heavy and beautiful

5. Kuolemanlaakso – Tulijoutsen: Finnish death/doom majesty from the voice of Swallow the Sun. Stunningly heavy

4. Pallbearer – Foundation of Burden: Achingly heavy and poignant, a true heir to Cathedral’s throne

3. Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica: A draining, Cult of Luna meets Discharge monster of sludge, doom and crust punk violence. Monstrous

2. Boris – Noise: Not technically doom on this release, but my favourite shape shifting Japanese band have pulled out another classic album

1. Mount Salem – Endless: I called this months ago, and I’m still right: ‘Endless’ is still my favourite doom record of the year. It mixes classic Pentagram riffs with the powerful, mournful voice of Emily Koplin to staggering effect. I’ve listened to this I don’t know how many times this year, and I’m still not sick of it!

Special mention go to Pilgrim’s ‘II: Void Worship’, Ides of Gemini ‘Old World/New Wave’ and Godhunter’s ‘City of Dust’. You guys were close but not quite. I recommend you check out everything here, as they are all awesome!


The quest continues. Today’s choices have been a reasonably eclectic bunch while I’ve chilled on a day off with a sick dog and hunted for Pokemon on Google Maps. Seriously Google, this is awesome.

sHeavy – The Golden Age of Daredevils

Finntroll – Nifelvind

Ensiferum – Victory Songs

Accept – Blood of the Nations

Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica

Falkenbach – Asa

Negura Bunget – Om

I’ve been reading an article on Finnish folk metal in the last to newest Terrorizer magazine, hence the Finntroll and Ensiferum records. Folk metal has a tendency to be taken less than seriously in some quarters, either due to the subject matter or the way its presented. Turisas are corpsepainted you know, its just red not white! But I’ve found a lot of great metal records from the folk metal community, and Ensiferum and Finntroll are two great bands. Turisas and Korpiklaani are raucous fun, particularly live.

I’m reviewing the new Nux Vomica for Sleeping Shaman soon, and I read news of a new Accept record being released in July, so I cranked on the record that they were touring when I saw then in 2011 at MetalCamp, Slovenia. The new Falkenbach is spellbounding, and Om is STILL one of the best black metal records of the last decade. Rock and fucking roll