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The delightfully dissonant ‘Pest’ was a highlight of 2015 in black metal, and Norse’s new full length has been a release I’ve been looking forward to for a while. ‘The Divine Light of a New Sun’ is due out at the end of May, and looks to continue the burgeoning reputation of these Australians in the bleak world of black metal.

Opener ‘Supreme Vertical Ascent’ throbs with otherworldly menace, with bursts of double bass meshing into atonal riffs and snarling vocals. Imagine the hurricane of sound that you get from Portal, but strip it down to a less distorted form, losing none of the fear instilled within. ‘Drowned by Hope’ flails wildly, and the crawling menace of ‘Telum Vitae’ is my personal highlight. You would be pushed to find another band on the planet that is taking black metal to such unique, twisted and dark places. ‘The Divine Light of a New Sun’ is some revolutionary stuff.

The storm of ‘Exitus’ tears through the labyrinthine darkness that Norse find themselves mired within. They are ugly, dissonant and thoroughly brutal, when atonal death metal riffs impose themselves throughout ‘Synapses Spun as Silk’. ‘The Divine Light of a New Sun’ looks to be one of this year’s most interesting and most challenging records. Norse have written something inhuman, suffocating and rabd here, and it is simply stunning.


Norse - Pest

Australia is known for two things when it comes to music; Kylie Minogue, and a fuck load of seriously dark and densely heavy metal bands. I don’t count AC/DC, because I’m Scottish and so are they! Anyway, Norse is the latest band to hail from the great Down Under that has caught my attention, and their new EP ‘Pest’ is quite the beast.

If you’ve heard Portal, and more importantly UNDERSTAND Portal, then you’ll like Norse. They have the same sense of unease about them, that same thick dissonace that breeds a feeling of sickness inside you. ‘Encoded Weakness’ jerks and flails, stabbing you with angular riffing while a suffocating darkness holds at your ankle, refusing to release you. ‘Disarmed, Toothless, Weak’ sounds almost like the Dillinger Escape Plan playing Deathspell Omega covers. This is a band that twist their music into new, avantgarde forms that mess with all perceptions of black metal and death metal that you have.

None of it is easy, but as you absorb more of the EP, Norse slowly begin to become more palatable to the senses. The title track is full of strange, atonal melodies and fades out to a creepy conclusion, into the crushing ‘True Insignificance’, which steamrollers everything put in front. Rewriting the rules of death metal should be something bands want to do, but few actually manage it. Norse shove all parts of extreme music into their blackened, sludgy cauldron and have birthed a snarling, mutated animal. Just listen to the other dimensional fury of ‘Irradiator’ and tell me I’m wrong…