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Spawn of Annihilation - Insurrection

Mexican brutal death metallers Spawn of Annihilation have been around for almost a decade but their debut full length only just came out this January. ‘Insurrection’ is out now through Brute! Productions, and will appeal to fans of Hour of Penance, Suffocation and Dying Fetus.

Bursting forth with a mesmerising display of technical brutality, Spawn of Annihilation hit all those sweet spots you’ve been waiting to itch since the last Suffocation record. The low end is massive; rumbling and dense. The guitarwork is frenzied and intricate, without losing any of the powerful chug. The songwriting is tight and the vocals are guttural, doom-laden roars. Basically it ticks every box you need it to. You have both speedy (‘Absolution Through Death’) and destructive, chugging, neckwrecker tracks (‘The Era of the Vengeance Will Begin’), both careening through a gritty production that enhances each and every flesh stained note.

You’d be hard pushed to find any wasted motion on ‘Insurrection’. A cannon of devastation aimed squarely at the planet, Spawn of Annihilation have dropped one of the most engrossing and well written brutal death metal records this year, and it will crush you.



Yeah I’m going to come straight and tell you that I don’t know how to pronounce either the band or the album title, but I am sure intrigued. Aztec, Mayan, Incan; these are not elements of world culture that appears often in metal, so that when I found Tezcatlipoca’s new record I was definitely interested. ‘Tlayohualtlapelani’ is out now through Iron Bonehead Records.

You feel like this record is going to be pretty standard black metal, particularly at the start of opener ‘Notlacahcahualiz Ica Yetztli, Cipactli’, but strange little background elements begin to play a role. Eerie noises weave into between the fiery, cavernous black metal tremolo. The sinister ‘Huey Tlatoani’ is a perfect example of that, conjuring images of darkened rituals done in dark caves. Searing guitar tones wail over blasting rage, while the vocals spout fearsome rasps and growls.

The unnerving incantations of ‘Macuil Xochitl Icic’ is just one example of where those ancient cultures lay scorched fingers upon this record, sitting nicely in the middle of a record that continues to burn with a raging passion. The molten fury of ‘Tlacatl Tlein In Mimiqueh Icah Tlahtoa’, the howling ‘Chichimeca, Yaotecatl Ayamictlan’ and particularly the imperious ‘In Tzinacan Itlayohualpatlaniliz’ lay Tezcatlipoca’s claim to be the kings of Mexican black metal, and a mighty claim it is. I’ve never heard anything that sounds like this.

‘Tlayohualtlpelani’ is a record replete with moments of terrifying black metal, stuff that goes beyond the usual necrotic fetishism. Tezcatlipoca draw deep from ancient and untouched evils, and their take on the genre is fresh, authentic and truly indicative of the fact that this world is full of olden evils we are not aware. Excellent.

Mexican melodic death/doom lords Matalobos followed up their debut record ‘Arte Macabro’ with their newest EP, ‘Until TIme Has Lost All Meaning’, released late last year on Concreto Records. I’ve only just come across this release, but I did enjoy their debut, self-titled EP from 2015, and have read a number of good things about this.

Opener ‘Of Ghosts and Yearning’ entices you in with a Latin-flavoured acoustic guitar, then mournful riffs cascade upon you. Matalobos hit all the usual reference points (Thergothon, Swallow the Sun etc) but they execute it really well, and you’d be hard pushed to criticise the naked honesty pushed through each riff and melancholic roar. ‘In Flesh Engraved’ brings in prime Paradise Lost moments too, a grumbling gothic death metal gem. Closing with the soulful ‘La Luz Del Día Muere’, a new avenue for melody opens for the future.

The next step in the growth of Matalobos, ‘Until Time Has Lost All Meaning’ is a powerful yet introspective piece, that relies not just on raw power and heaviness but a measured dose of gloomy melody too. Check it out.


Zombiefication - Below the Grief

More Mexican death metal with the fourth full length from Scandinavian worshipping deathsters Zombiefication. Their debut record ‘Midnight Stench’ was more overtly Dismember-esque, but they’ve gradually moved away from that and into their own style. ‘Below the Grief’ is out now through Doomentia Records.

When you experience opener ‘Blood Falls’, there is a certain bloodsoaked euphoria. The drumming is powerful, the riffing is intense and the songwriting and structure is absolutely impenetrable. There’s more than a glimmer of black metal attitude to some of these tracks too; the clattering ‘Deliverance from the Astral Sea’ rampages with crusty aplomb, while the dissonant weight of ‘Hunger Undying’ really adds a new standpoint. Zombiefication have almost completely moved into their own realm, instead of relying on genre tropes that have been done to death. ‘Below the Grief’ is an album with a palpable sense of madness about it.

‘Below the Grief’ is a satisfying realisation of Zombiefication’s true potential. They’ve evolved their sound and embraced a new kind of darkness and evil along the way. Sure, there’s still more than enough death riffs here, but this is no mere old school death metal record. This is the sound of band becoming their destiny, and tearing us apart along the way.

Morbid Messiah - Demoniac Paroxysm

Finally! After being wowed by their debut EP, ‘In the Name of True Death Metal’ (reviewed here) back in 2016, Memento Mori are gracing us with the debut full length from these Mexicans masters of death. ‘Demoniac Paroxysm’ is out later this month and is a fitting follow up.

The guitar tone remains as brutal as ever, piling rabid old school riffing on top of corpses left by the roaring vocals. The thrashing ‘Charred Devastation’ is intense, while the grinding chug of ‘Devoured by Darkness’ is an unpolished gem. Morbid Messiah are still lacking all those frills and now they’ve upped the song writing levels to new heights. ‘Demoniac Paroxysm’ lacks subtlety and grace, but that makes it very special. There is no regard for a trend, merely the execution of true death fucking metal. It goes for the jugular constantly and consistently; a flailing and rabid animal.

Memento Mori seem to have a Midas touch when it comes to great, honest death metal bands and they have another here. Morbid Messiah have fulfilled the promise of their EP, and with tracks like ‘Howling from the Grave’ and the savage ‘Fetid Bloodbath’ to wield, it looks like they’ll be slaying for a long time yet. Awesome.

Morbid Messiah - In the Name of True Death Metal

Guess what this EP sounds like? That’s right, ticking almost every box in the ‘death metal rulebook’, from song titles to album cover to that frankly brilliant EP title. Morbid Messiah hail from Mexico and are probably the most death metal thing you’ll hear in what’s left of 2016. This is out through Godz of War Productions now!

From the guttural ‘Intro’, you get an immediate idea of what to expect. This is relentless punishment, a schooling in proper brutality. The manic ‘I Am Your Lord’ with its sickening, frantic bloodletting, the rampant ‘Putrid Voices’; when Morbid Messiah get going, they are loathe to stop even for breath. You’ve got 22 minutes to survive a band that sound like the rampage of the undead. Their Bandcamp bio proudly states no ‘boring gore, trendy Swedeath worship or tired Tampa tropes’ and that’s really what you’re getting here. No scene following, no trends, just rabid, filthy death metal of a primal persuasion.

Sure, there is dashes of Entombed in their guitar work, and the likes of ‘From Human to Fiend’ does smell a little like first record Deicide, but Morbid Messiah don’t copy anyone. They play no frills, no bullshit death metal for those of us that still look out for that kind of thing. The riffs are like rusted scythes, swinging for victims left and right. The unholy guttural vocals are poison to your ears, and their energy is virulent. Feel the ancient, lumbering power behind the excellent ‘Condemned to Hell Sores’ and be ready. Morbid Messiah are here to slay all in their wake. Which means you’ll never be disappointed by these guys. True Death Metal indeed!

In Obscurity Revealed - Grim Fumes of Revelation

The debut EP from Mexicans In Obscurity Revealed is out in but a month’s time on Blood Harvest Records, and it is a bleak, nihilistic slab of twisted decay. If this is a precursor to their upcoming full length then count me in, because ‘Grim Fumes of Revelation’ is excellent.

The burning hatred that fans the flames of opener ‘Storms Conjured’ blinds like the noonday sun, with scathing riffage slicing through flesh and bone. In Obscurity Revealed are raw, but not incomprehensible. Their material is more of the surgeon’s knife than the frenzied bludgeoning of some black/death metallers. But that knife is coated in disease, leading to the atonal melodies that spiral around the main, barbed riff.

‘Varcolaci’ continues this path, with an opening riff that is as icy cold as anything to come out of Norway 20 years ago, but leading into the twisted offspring of Marduk and Deathspell Omega. Black metal is no longer one dimensional, and these new bands breathe new, fetid life into the black and white corpse that old school black metal has become. By injecting glorious, raging energy into the genre again, In Obscurity Revealed show that you don’t have to buck the blueprint a lot, but if its executed well, it is a fucking delight. ‘Grim Fumes of Revelation’ is that delight, now spill blood in the name of GRIMNESS!