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India’s Inner Sanctum are another bright spark coming out of the subcontinent. Their new record, ‘Legions Awake’ is a ripping collection of hard riffing and insanely catchy songs. Fresh from their appearance at Norway’s Inferno festival in April, the band sound energised and ready to slay those who stand in their way.

Starting with the hellish grandeur of ‘Incipens’, Inner Sanctum sure know how to make an impression. It sounds more like a Cradle of Filth intro than a death metal one, but Inner Sanctum kick off the album proper with the killer chug of ‘Wake of Destruction’. There’s more than a dash of Lamb of God influence in there, but Inner Sanctum seem to take most influence from latter Destruction and Kreator. The production is thick and warm, enhancing the heaviness of the riffing which is showcased in the heavy as fuck ‘Reflections of the Past’.

If you’re a fan of big chunky riffs, Inner Sanctum have them by the metric fuck ton. Check out the pit fodder that is the rampant title track, or the monstrous groove of ‘March of the Wounded’. It’s yet more proof that India is the place to be at the moment for solid, heavy metal in all genres. Inner Sanctum are a flagbearer for Indian metal, and when they’re making music of this quality, its only a matter of time before they and other bands like them blow up the same as Demonic Resurrection did.

Inner Sanctum prove yet again that you don’t need to dig very far in India to find some brilliant metal. ‘Legions Awake’ is a snarling, riff laden beast of an album that should go down well in every pit across the world. Thrash on!