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Dominant - The Summoning

The debut EP of Norwegian death metal squad Dominant (somehow the ONLY band with that name on Encyclopedia Metallum) is a severe beating in aural form. ‘The Summoning’ is a five track EP of technical death metal brilliance, and it has been brought to us by Lacerated Enemy Records. Released at the start of the year, it has been worth scouring back through my emails to find this beauty.

This is a prime example of what death metal needs in 2018; technical riffing without relying overly on guitar wankery, brutality without boring riffing and a vocal performance that could scour concrete from the streets. The gruesome riffing is superb, and the power straining to be unleashed from the chugging ‘Servants of Damnation’ is palpable. The brutality of ‘Vultures of the Void’ is a thing of beauty, bringing to mind the classic title track to Suffocation’s ‘Blood Oath’ and as for the bone rattling ferocity of ‘Feast of Woe’, well you just need to turn it on and turn it up.

Dominant look to be a new force in death metal, bursting through the rotted soil of the underground into the harsh, burning light of day. Hopefully this is only an appetiser for the main course, and I shall look forward to their next material being released.

Blade of Horus - Monumental Massacre

Australian futuristic death metallers Blade of Horus (how has that name never been snapped up before?) bring you the brutality and dazzling technicality on their debut EP ‘Monumental Massacre’, out now on Lacerated Enemy Records.

A whirling maelstrom of excruciatingly heavy death metal, with riffs coming from every direction, and Kevin Talley’s staggering drumming performance, the title track explodes with furious rage. Taking points from contemporaries like Obscura, Psycroptic and even the mighty Nile, Blade of Horus slam everything into a high gear and don’t allow a moment for breathing. ‘Succumb to the Overwhelming Stench of Necrophagia’ machine guns its way into the fray, unleashing technical riffs and a guttural vocal that growls with unholy power.

‘Inhumane Experimentations’ feels like a cross between Dying Fetus and the wild fretwork of Psyopus. Mind mangling dexterity on the frets bring Blade of Horus instant recognisability. You won’t hear many bands that mash breakdowns, dazzling technicality and crushing heaviness as effective. It’s particularly refreshing from a new band as well, and the short sharp razor attack of ‘Death of a Spartan King’ encompasses every part of their arsenal.

Australia has some of extreme metal’s most interesting bands at the moment, and you can throw Blade of Horus to the top of that pile. From the moment ‘Return of the Dark Gods’ places its bloodsoaked foot on your throat and presses down, you’ll be begging for more. Invigorating, eviscerating and thoroughly heavy, ‘Monumental Massacre’ promises much for the future of this hammer fisted assault machine.