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Sodomic Baptism - Black Fire Pandemonium

Belarussian death metallers Sodomic Baptism’s debut full length ‘Black Fire Pandemonium’ came out late last year through underground Mexican label Iron, Blood and Death Corporation, and this is a label that seems to find some excellent music from obscure depths. Prepare to face blasphemous rituals unknown…

The opening title track ripples wth dark energies; devastating riffs play out under powerful roars, while the whole beast is propelled by a potent drumming performance. Demonic influences play across the crushing ‘Angel of Death’, while the organ led ‘Conception of Beast’ is a perfect example of where subtle keyboard moments really help to ramp up the Satanic and occult references. Sinister menace haunts the rumbling ‘Rex Stachus’, whilst blasphemous fury coats the storming ‘Legion Noctis’ in fire and brimstone.

While you may not find anything particualrly new or cutting edge here, Sodomic Baptism’s fire, energy and ferocious assault is a welcome distraction from the hells of modern life. Not all extremity needs to be new, and the nuances of ‘Black Fire Pandemonium’ reveal themselves with each listen. Fearsome, powerful and heavy, it’s everything you need.

Swedish death dealers Humanity Delete are pretty much straightforward brutality, as the less than subtle album title gives you the idea. ‘Fuck Forever Off’ is a half hour ride through a hellish world of chainsaw riffs and burning ferocity. Another Rogga Johansson project, the man of a thousand bands strikes once again with visceral and headbanging death metal.

You can tell there’s been a great Dismember and Grave influence on these guys. The songs drip with that buzzing intensity that the classic Swedeath records have, and the ferocious ‘Into the Maze of the Minotaur’ is a better example of the high quality fare on offer here. Rogga’s guttural roar adds a deathly power to each track, and there’s some soulful lead melodies in the almost gloomy ‘Creeping of the Shoggoth’ that bring to mind prime Katatonia. As expected, the songwriting is strong, and there isn’t any one way to skin a cat/write a Swedish death metal song.

Humanity Delete manage to cram all facates of quality death metal into this release, from the moody gloom to the battering obviousness of ‘Lairhunter’. Songs cave in your skull, or lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce with a killer riff. Each song is unique, but they all flow into one satisfying whole, from the thrashing ‘Barbarian Axe’ right through to rumbling closer ‘Flesh Panzer’. Another great record from one of death metal’s true masters.

Another day, another Rogga Johansson death metal album that kicks fucking ass. Seriously, how does he have this much time and this much ability to write ripping death metal? Necrogod is a work with Master Butcher, a scathing vocalist from Costa Rican legends Insepulto and is an expression of classic Scandinavian death metal fury.

Opener proper ‘Worms in Holy Flesh’ reeks of brutal, filthy death metal, like a hyperactive Autopsy. The vocals are savage even for death metal, and the riffs have this timeless, deathly groove about them. ‘The Death Provokers’ gurgles and growls through a two and a half minute thrash, while the immensely heavy ‘Human Misery’ slows the beating down a tad. That track is the highlight of a MCD that never drop in quality from start to finish.

Sounding like it was recorded in a grave, ‘The Inexorable Death Reign’ is created from an ancient evil, an evil that lurks within the hearts of all men and is older than the world. Rogga has discovered the key and each decaying riff drags you closer to the void from which it came. ‘The Inexorable Death Reign’ will be one of death metal’s most devastating releases this year, and Master Butcher is a big part of it. His vocals drip with intensity, and add an extra layer to songs like the pummeling ‘Skull Crushing Death’.

Rogga Johansson can never stop writing death metal as far as I’m concerned. Everything he touches turns to bloodstained gold, and with Master Butcher by his side, Necrogod is going to be a project I’m going to anticipate every release of. Brutality defined.