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Infinite Earths - Into The Void

Mind bending prog death metallers Infinite Earths have followed up their 2014 debut ‘Spiral from Spacetime’ with their latest EP, ‘Into the Void’. It’s based on a comic book written by vocalist Josh Mazorra, and is filled with tales of supernatural horror and spacey madness.

Opener ‘Act 1: Into the Void’ appears with pastoral acoustics before spiralling guitar lines streak in from outer space, while mind boggling melody lines and howling roars invade your consciousness. There’s plenty of Atheist and Cynic lurking in here, but Infinite Earths have created something that can almost claim to be unique. There’s a lot of wandering bass lines, deathly riffage and savage vocals in the awesome ‘Act 2: Amalgam of Madness’, and the jagged ‘Act 3: Chaotic Good’ is cosmic death prog magic. ‘Act 4: The Whirling Doorway’ adds some delightfully deranged acoustic moments before the titanic ‘Act 5: Grave New World’ brings us to a juddering, conscious altering end.

Infinite Earths just sound so refreshingly DIFFERENT from everyone else, and I think that’s why I really dig this record. They deftly mix brutality with dizzying technicality and aren’t afraid to do what comes naturally to them. ‘Into the Void’ feels like being lost in a multicoloured galaxy far away, with the omnipresent threat of spiralling madness just a breath away. Great stuff.