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Obed Marsh - Innsmouth

Feeding on from the Lovecraft inspired dread of Swampcult, I’ve found myself in ‘Innsmouth’, the debut Obed Marsh record that is crafted from cyclopean doom and morbid blackness. This Australian duo look to drag you off towards another space and time, a place where madness is as commonplace as water and Elder things crawl and creep.

From the watery ‘Prologue’ into the deep and dark ‘Innsmouth Ritual’, it is clear straight away that this is a listening experience designed to test your mettle. A dirging black cloud that envelops you and a rasping vocal that could be a follower of Dagon himself, belching unholy incantations that both invigorate and terrify. The undead crawl of ‘The Esoteric Order’ almost drips with malicious intent, while the glorious closing sequence to ‘Usurpers’ allows Obed Marsh to flex its creative muscle without stepping too far away from the core sound.

‘Deficient’ feels like a mournful cry for help, while the miserable ‘Desquamate’ amplifies that feeling even more. There is a dread murk that seeps within every riff, every rasp, that encompasses the mind with eldritch fear. This music is dark, sinister and, at points, harrowing. Obed Marsh have dragged up the foul beasts of the abyss, and their haunting gloom will drag you back down with them to cold, watery depths.